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Writing Coach, Editor, & Mentor Hours | Add-on Consultation Hours


Ramp up your confidence and motivation by signing on for individual hours with a writing coach, editor, and mentor. Get advice, instruction, collaboration, skilled editing, and additional support with self-published book formatting. Once you know how it feels to have someone by your side- you won’t ever go back.

To select the number of hours you’d like, click the arrow beside the number on the purchase page.

One of the greatest challenges for any writer is going through the process alone. When you have a writing coach, editor, and mentor by your side, their advice, instruction, editing, and general collaboration ensures you not only are supported but that you feel someone has your back.

This invaluable relationship makes you feel confident, strong, and productive.

Sign on for as many hours as you like:

  • Writing coaching and editing

    • Brainstorming your work-in-progress
    • Learning new strategies
    • Getting feedback, advice, or editing (all levels)
  • Book formatting add-ons

    • Assistance with opening and setting up accounts (via Zoom)
    • Adding images, charts, tables, and graphs
    • Additional consultationThis time will make an enormous difference to your confidence and motivation.

Writing Coaching & Editing FAQ

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