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Write Your Self-Development or Business Book Bi-Weekly Program

$197.00 / month for 4 months

If you’ve been holding off on writing a business or self-development book because you’re not sure how to do it- this program will change everything.

Our Write Your Self-Development or Business Book program provides you with everything you need to learn how to write the book that will meet your audience’s needs, stay accountable and focused, and have personal guidance throughout. In 4 short months, you’ll have your draft, and can begin the next phase of your life as a business owner and author.

You’ve known for a long time that you could effect great change- for your business and for your clients and customers- by distilling what you know and do into a book.

The actual writing of it, however, often stands in the way of success. It’s difficult labor to write a book, and going it alone can cause a person to falter when it gets hard, or even quit.

This program is the answer to all of that: for 4 months, we provide an infrastructure that is clear and easy to follow, comprehensive lessons to inform your writing process, and personal, dedicated support from a skilled mentor in bi-weekly (2x/month) lessons.

Being so supported often means the difference between frustration and setting the project aside, and seeing your book on the shelf.

It’s this easy: follow this program, and in 4 months, you will have written your book.

It’s your time.

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The Program’s Framework

Our program framework ensures that in 4 months, you will have a completed first draft of your book.

  • Bi-weekly (2x/month) 30-minute mentor meetings (including craft instruction, resources, and personalized support) and in-between live chat
  • Daily progressive writing schedule
  • Accountability charting
  • 18 comprehensive lessons in best practices for writing self-development or business books, including writing craft, book construction, and process
  • Downloadable Sheets, Checklists, & Guides

A self-development or business book opens doors to many new opportunities: evergreen income, speaking engagements, a solid reputation, and the awareness that you’re at the top of your industry.

After all, only those who mean business write books.

And now you can do it with confidence, motivation, and maximum productivity.

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Unsure whether you’re ready? Begin with our Business Book Pre-Planning Workbook:

How the Program Works:

Your Mentor: your mentor is seasoned writing coach and editor from the One Lit Place creative team. They will be your support system and accountability partner throughout the program, there to advise and guide you on getting through this process with resources, readings, information about writing craft and practice, and learned encouragement.

You’ll have 8 30-minute meetings with your mentor over the course of your 4 months (and you’re welcome to add more if you like) to sustain you and ensure you stay motivated and on top of the work.

You and your mentor meet in a private team in our online editors’ platform. There, you can schedule your meetings, live chat, and upload files.

Your Lessons: you will receive 18 comprehensive lessons on issues pertinent to the nonfiction book writer that address your book’s structure and purpose, your business persona, strategies for writing when the going gets rough, self-editing strategies, book proposals, and more.

Your Writing: over the 4 months, you’ll write the 3-4-5-4:

    • 3-4 pages per day
    • 5 days per week
    • for 4 months

This will yield 240-320 manuscript pages: a full first draft.

*The writing plan can also be adapted to a different schedule to meet your schedule and writing goals.

The Writing & Time Investment

This program requires approximately 7.5 hours a week:

  • About an hour of writing per day
  • 20 minutes for your weekly lesson
  • 30 minutes for your mentor meeting every other week

Ongoing Registration Adapts to Your Schedule

This program is open for you to begin any time.

From the moment you enroll, you begin. There’s no time like now, because there will never again in any of our lifetimes be this kind of elasticity of time when we’re keeping close to home and allocating our resources differently. You can certainly carve out this time for 4 short months if it means you will be putting yourself in a whole different higher category of business owner and thought leader. 

Imagine how it will feel to emerge from this pandemic with your book … (nice, right?)


What Happens When You Enroll

Day 1: The program begins the moment you sign up. You receive your Welcome email containing your first Lesson, the link to our private Facebook group, and the first day’s preparation task.

Day 2: Lesson 2 and complete the day-two task to prepare your process for the next 4 months.

Day 4: Your first writing day! Today is the day your schedule kicks in and you begin writing your book.

By the end of your first week: You’re paired with your mentor and receive an invitation to your private team in our editors’ platform where you connect and schedule your first meeting.

Program Goal

This program’s infrastructure defines what you will do, when you will do it, and how you will make it happen, so in 4 months, you finally will have the novel you’ve been wanting to write.

Everything that makes writing a novel on your own challenging has been replaced with solutions: one-on-one collaboration with a skilled writing mentor, a daily plan, and guidance on nonfiction-writing craft, mindset, and practice.

If you’ve tried to write your business or self-development book and found the work harder than you’d imagined, now you have the support you need to finally get it done.


If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to come along so you could write your book, this is it.

For the weekly mentorship option, click HERE.

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