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Write Your Novel in 4 Months: Independent Program

$136.00 / month for 4 months with a 7-day free trial

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to finally write your novel, that time is now.

Our Write Your Novel in 4 Months Independent Program provides comprehensive self-guided lessons, a progressive daily writing calendar, and access to our private writers group on Facebook. We set you up for success, so in 4 months, you’ll finally have your novel!

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What is the Write Your Novel in 4 Months: Independent Program?


This 4-month self-guided program provides writers with a full novel-writing online course, progressive writing schedule, accountability timesheet to stay on track, and private Facebook group to chat with a community of peers.

This framework is the perfect solution for the motivated writer to finally write your novel with confidence and ease.

By following the lessons’ guidance on novel-writing craft and process and sticking to your schedule, in 4 short months, you will be holding your novel draft in your hands.

Ask yourself: are you ready to finally write your novel?

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The Independent Program Framework

◊ The Calendar: Your Writing Schedule

One of the hardest things about writing a novel is how ambiguous the process can be. You’re all on your own, tasked with managing your time, the progress of your work, and trying to fit your writing in on your busy schedule.

Our progressive writing calendar shows you exactly what you need to do day-by-day to get your pages done. Follow the specific timeline of the calendar by writing 3-4 pages per day for 5 days a week, and in 4 short months, you will have a novel draft of 240 to 320 pages.

◊ Self-Directed Study

Weekly lessons supplement your novel’s development; learn new approaches to writing craft and practice, determine best strategies for aspects of novel structure, and see how to manipulate a variety of techniques for establishing setting, developing character, creating tension and plot, how to deal with point of view, different ways to write scene, and what your first edit will look like once you have your draft completed.

8 Hours Per Week = A Full Novel Draft in 4 Months

The program requires you spend about 8 hours per week:

  • 3-4 pages per day of writing, 5 days per week
  • Approx. 30 minutes per week for the self-guided lessons

What You Get

  • 20 comprehensive course lessons containing video, lecture, and additional suggested resources and readings
  • Customizable writing schedule
  • Downloadable sheets and guides
  • 24/7 access to secure chat group of fellow program participants and private group on Facebook*Need help or a consultation? Individual mentor hours can be purchased on an as-needed basis (at a 15% discounted rate)

The Self-Guided Course Lesson Contents

In the 8 Modules of the Program, there are 20 self-guided lessons: 3 preparatory lessons, 16 weekly program lessons, and 1 post-lesson. Each lesson is timed to correspond with your novel’s development. Additional readings and resources, videos, worksheets, and other downloadable files are included!

The Lessons’ Instructor: Jenna Kalinsky, founding director of One Lit Place



Our Rolling Enrollment Suits Your Schedule

You may enroll in the program any time. As soon as you take the plunge, you can enjoy knowing that you’ll have the infrastructure around your process to make your novel happen in 4 short months.

What Happens When You Enroll

Day 1: The program begins the moment you sign up. You receive your first lesson by email containing a workbook and video to get you started off on the most powerful foot.

Day 3: Access your second preparatory lesson with downloadable files, the link to our private Facebook group, and the first day’s preparation task.

Day 5: Your last preparatory lesson, which will take you through a 2-day task as you organize your writing process for the next 4 months.

Day 7: Lesson 4 arrives and your schedule kicks in: today you begin writing your novel.

Each week thereafter you’ll receive a new lesson containing downloadable files, checklists, worksheets, resources, and more.

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Course Outcomes

Like with many things, this program is about showing up and putting in the hours. If you do your daily writing, you will end up with a novel draft in 4 months.

Where going through this process alone and unaided is very difficult, with our infrastructure and the support of your peers, you’re going to pragmatically take care of this important bucket list item and finally do right by your creativity.

Your Stories Matter. It’s Your Time.


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See how it feels to embark on the program before deciding it’s for you. There is no obligation to continue.

Other Program Plan Options

While the Independent program is for self-motivated writers, many writers thrive when they are directly supported by a skilled professional who invests in their success and provides additional guidance and advice.

Our Essential and Complete Support plans provide writers with a personal mentor who is with you the entire way to be your collaborative partner, writing coach, and accountability buddy. You’re also welcome to purchase individual consultation hours to get a bump of support or do some valuable brainstorming.


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We are very happy to answer any questions you may have about the Write Your Novel in 4 Months Independent Plan or any of our other writing coaching and editing services. Please reach out any time!

We’re looking forward to writing with you.

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