Write Your Feature-Length Screenplay in 4 Months Program

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Got a fantastic story? Let us help you write it.

With our insightful lessons in screenwriting craft and personal mentorship guiding your learning and writing, in only 4 months, you will have a completed (and edited) feature-length screenplay!

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From Great Idea to Completed Screenplay: In Only 4 Months.

Our Write Your Feature-Length Screenplay in 4 Months Program is designed to take you from having a great idea to holding a completed screenplay in 4 months. Our comprehensive blend of instruction, accountability supports, and one-on-one mentorship ensure you have a clear direction, stay focused, and have a skilled writing mentor by your side to help you manage the process and your unique story needs.

If you’ve got a story to tell, we’ll help you do it. And in only 4 months.

What You Get:

Personal Guidance, Insights, & Support from a Screenwriting Mentor

Your mentor is your partner, support system, and accountability partner. Their consistent presence and suggestions ensure you show up and have someone to talk through your ideas with, share your concerns, get feedback and specific tips to help you make your way through the script.

Lessons in Screenwriting Craft

The lessons correlate with all aspects of screenwriting you will need in order to successfully bring your vision to life. Each lesson provides in-depth information that’s a master class in screenwriting, so you can apply what you learn, take risks, and consciously design the plot.

Your Daily Writing Schedule & Accountability

Your daily writing tracker and homework accountability sheet that you share with your mentor will keep you moving along and on schedule for completing your screenplay!

Time Commitment & Schedule

Between the reading scripts, homework assignments, and writing, you are looking at about a 2.5 hours/week investment to learn and grow as a screenwriter and complete your 90-120-page screenplay.

  • Watch the lesson videos
  • Meet with your mentor (every other week)
  • Do the weekly homework assignments
  • Draft and re-draft your screenplay until it shines!

Overall Goal:

This program will change your life in measurable ways. You can look forward to learning a great deal about the form and your chosen genre of film, screenwriting craft, and yourself as a writer.

Not convinced you’ve got what it takes to write a screenplay? Consider yourself and your creativity first in our FREE mini-course on what defines you as a creative and why you’re drawn to writing!

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The Feature-Length Screenwriting Program Comes With:

  • Bi-weekly 1-hour virtual meetings with your mentor + live chat as needed (8 meetings total)
  • 7 comprehensive course lessons containing video, lecture, and additional suggested resources and readings
  • Personalized script reading list
  • Weekly assignments
  • 24/7 access to secure chat group of fellow program participants and private group on Facebook

Your Mentor

By the end of your first week of enrollment, you will be matched with a screenwriting mentor from our Creative Team. They will take into account your writing background, project, and goals to make sure the program is tailored to your exact needs. This enables you to get the right support no matter where you are in your writing journey.

The Lessons:

  • Preparatory work- Grounding your story idea
  • Lesson 1- How to make the story visible & basic story structure
  • Lesson 2- How to show the story in your head; defining your job as a screenwriter, the difference between how you place things on the page vs. where the camera goes, and basic screenwriting format
  • Lesson 3- Characters and conflict
  • Lesson 4- Stakes and goals
  • Lesson 5- How to build a good story engine
  • Lesson 6- B-plots
  • Last weeks- Drafting and re-drafting with your mentor

Additional Elements of Screenwriting You Can Expect to Learn:

  • Script format and software
  • How to read a script and how other departments read a script
  • Basics of writing each component (slug lines, action, dialogue, transitions, etc.)
  • How to tell a visual story
  • Basic story structure
  • Time in screenwriting (playing time vs. story time)
  • Conflict and pacing
  • Character design
  • Getting from writing to rewriting


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Once You Enroll, What You Can Expect:

The program begins the moment you sign up! A Welcome email containing admin details and your first prepatory assignment will arrive, which you’ll work on for the first week.

By the end of the first week, you will be invited to your private team where you will meet your mentor and schedule your first meeting.

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Program Outcomes

Wanting to write a screenplay and having a terrific story idea are the first step- but the second step is getting the right support that will help you make your screenplay come to life.

This program will give you the tools, confidence, and motivation to write your work, take risks, and do it in ways that are in line with the genre, challenge the form, and will excite you. Seeing your work take shape will be thrilling- and we will do all we can to help you do it!

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