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Reclaiming Your Story

Psychotherapist Vaishali Patel guides writers of all levels and interests through their personal journeys to return to the authentic voice and persona you have within.

Through writing exercises and conversation, identify how you have shaped your self over time to accommodate those around, and layer by layer, reveal, and begin to discover, your true self.


Through guided exercises, conversation, and meditative writing, you will write your way into your authentic voice and the un-filtered, un-guarded, un-judged thoughts and feelings that have perhaps been pushed down so as to accommodate those around, family, friends, or society at large.


We often consciously and subconsciously adapt our selves to societal norms, but the unrecognized burden of giving away your voice and story is feelings of loss, disorientation, and frustration. As well, hearing other people’s stories of us skews our own self perception, and often diverts our understanding of self away from who we truly are.  


Without our voices, without our stories, without being our true selves, who are we? The paradox in our adapting our wants and needs- in effect, creating a false “daily operation” persona, is that we deny the world one less beautiful authentic individual and engender further feelings of intolerance for individuality, passion, and the vibrancy of unique perspectives.


Psychotherapist Vaishali Patel will guide you to first recognize who you believe you are today, and how certain stories have shaped your perspective and life. You will examine the negative narratives that have stuck with you and explore how to approach them. We will also work on creating a fuller, all encompassing narrative that will help you reclaim and embrace your whole identity, so you can go forward fully and with positivity.


October 29 – December 9, 2018 (6 weeks)

Live Video Conversation- Wednesdays 7:30 p.m. (Can’t make it? Each week will be recorded so you can watch it on your schedule.)

Online Classroom available 24/7


For all levels of writer

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