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Provide your chosen print-on-demand book seller with a professionally formatted file of your book, so you can avoid costly packages, maintain creative control over the elements of your printed book, and ensure the manuscript is clean and a perfect representation of the book you want to share with the world.

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Today’s self-published author can typically find a print-on-demand outlet that provides great customer service, plans and print runs that work for your needs, and that are close to your home, making them the convenient option for publishing and printing your book.

Some of these companies will provide full-package services, but if you only need to provide them with a formatted manuscript document, we are happy to customize yours, so the size, font, headers and footers, drop caps, and overall look and feel of the manuscript are to your specifications.

You provide the cover, ISBN (optional), Library of Congress number (optional), and we will provide you with a professionally formatted book file.

*Note: Uploading is not included in this service as every print-on-demand outlet’s platform, software, and upload protocols will be unique. Some assistance may be available at an additional cost (hourly rate).

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