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Grammar and Style Instruction


Fast-track learning the ins and outs of language use, so your writing is always correct, clear, and pitch-perfect: for every situation. Whether you write creatively, in an academic context, or for your job, having a firm grasp on how you use language will ensure you always come across as competent as you are.

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If you write—by choice or by circumstance—you will need to have a firm grasp of your primary tool: your language. Gleaning grammar, punctuation, syntax, and structural best practices second hand will give you passable knowledge, but it’s only once you learn how to use English grammar to best effect do you truly have a command over your sentences.

Our one-on-one grammar and style instruction provides the rules in a fun and experiential format, guides you through identifying your style and common missteps so you can avoid them, and how to come out on top with tonally appropriate, structurally sound, elegant but easy-to-understand writing for any audience.

Be the one who knows their way around a sentence, and you will not only feel competent and confident, but others will view you with respect.


  • Meetings are tailored to your writing needs, experience, interests, and short- and long-term writing goals and projects. Bringing your existing work to the lessons is encouraged, so your coach can see your style and how you approach your writing
  • Feedback and collaborative editing on your existing materials is provided within the meeting
  • Custom length of instruction (30, 45, or 1-hour lessons)
  • For individuals and groups (6 participants max)


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