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Advanced Manuscript Workshop

To ready your manuscript for publication, you need the keen eyes of an insightful, dedicated group of readers who have your project’s back, and a writing mentor to ensure your book project is on track.

In this long-format hybrid independent study/mentored advanced manuscript workshop, a select group of peer writers in a secure online forum with chat, video conversation, and weekly meetings with the writing mentor, gather to provide feedback and advice, collaborate and brainstorm ideas, develop editorial acumen, and refine manuscript drafts for publication.

Over the course of the workshop, you will receive critique on 250 – 300 pages of manuscript. Individual coaching sessions with a One Lit Place editor can also be booked at a 20% discounted rate during the workshop and for six months following the workshop.

Getting a draft written is a remarkable feat. Getting it ready for publication is the next step. This is your chance to tighten, refine, and hone your book project so it’s ready to for publication.

Approximately 25 weeks (over 8 months)
Next Session: TBA

This long-format independent online Advanced Manuscript Workshop is designed for writers ready to take their short story, novel, or nonfiction manuscripts all the way to the final draft in a group of dedicated peer writers.

Preparing a manuscript for publication is a difficult job that is greatly benefitted by a smart peer group of readers who can give advice and feedback, brainstorm ideas, and help the writer see trouble spots and gaps in the plot, characters, and any other areas of the work. Our independent study advanced manuscript workshop provides a secure forum for smart, engaged writers to work on their own projects and hone their editorial acumen by helping their peers, receive specific mentoring and support, and the opportunity to revise and prepare a full manuscript for publication.

How the Workshop Works

  • A secure, dedicated online classroom is provided for the writers to post their work, engage in conversation and share feedback 24/7. Submission guidelines and a schedule are created and posted, so each writer knows when to submit and discuss their work, pose questions, and articulate any concerns about their work’s development.
  • Unlimited video chat is provided for live conversation and break-out sessions.
  • Each week the participants meet for a live approx. 30-minute check-in with the group’s mentor over video conversation. During that time, participants may submit work to receive spot consultation on pages, ask questions and get support.

    *Additional time may be booked with the mentor or another editor for additional manuscript review and editing at 20% off the posted rate during the workshop and for six months following the workshop.*


The workshop meets from October – early June (end date will be adjusted depending on number of participants)

  • Initial planning meeting late Oct.
  • Fall Session: November  – December
  • Winter Session: Jan. – March
  • Spring Session: March – June

Live video meetings with mentor date/time TBA


Dates: Next Session TBA

Length: 25-28 weeks

Where: Online in a secure One Lit Place classroom

Format: Weekly workshop with 24/7 classroom engagement and access PLUS Live weekly meetings over video conference

Weekly Meeting: TBD


Instructor: Jenna Kalinsky



Who should take this workshop?

This class is designed for writers who have a short story or essay collection, nonfiction or “service” book for business, or a novel or memoir manuscript that is either fully or partially written and ready for further development in the shape of other writers’ deep feedback. Writers should be familiar with giving developmental feedback on the various areas of book drafts: plot/structure, character, voice, prose, etc. and desire to be invested in being part of a small collaborative group in order to help one another tighten and refine manuscripts as you prepare them for publication.

Why does the workshop take place over 8 months?

In order for all participants to have the opportunity to workshop 250-300 pages of work, the workshop must take place over approximately 25 weeks (plus the planning meeting week). Taking time off for the December and March holidays brings the workshop into late May/ early June, when all participant drafts will have been critiqued in full.

Why is the workshop 25-28 weeks?

This workshop is structured to accommodate a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 5 participants. Depending on the final number, the length of the workshop will shift so each writer can  receive feedback on 300 pages (at 50 pgs./week). Once we have firm numbers, the dates will be announced.

Participants must commit to the full scope of the workshop in order to ensure consistency for all participants.

What does “Independent Study” mean?

This workshop is designed similarly to an MFA thesis workshop such that a select group of advanced-level writers are able to give and receive feedback on each others’ manuscripts-in-progress in a controlled, organized environment. All of the classroom infrastructure, platform management, scheduling, administration, and additional support are provided, enabling the participants to focus on the work. The mentor is on hand to ensure the workshop process is smooth, serve as a point person for the weekly video meetings and private conversation, and answer questions and provide resources. The mentor does not read or comment on the manuscripts as a matter of course; however, if a participant has a question regarding a short section of work requiring deeper interrogation, the mentor will discuss the section or any concerns with the author.

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