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Private Business Writing Instruction (Individuals & Groups)

instruction, guidance, and support for yourself or your team

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Business writing training for groups is a valuable way of ensuring your team is gaining valuable skills in clear, concise writing for all your work documentation.

Seminars and private tutorials are available for all of your business writing needs and can be customized to support your particular business brand, language, and requirements.

Having a firm command over your written correspondence ensures you can skillfully navigate all of your writing needs in ways that are audience-specific, on-brand, and clear.

We help you and your team grow your business writing skills through a learn-by-doing model:

  • Learn different document structures, best practices in sentence construction, grammar, punctuation, and syntax, and how to identify common pitfalls
  • Practice by drafting and revising documents that are pertinent to the day-to-day business of the company or for the individual.


Choose from:

  • Custom lessons collaboratively designed to ensure you and your team receive the correct guidance and insight pertinent to your needs
  • A 3-module course (including a variable number of lessons) that goes over:
    • best practices in email
    • how to structure different types of documents based on their purpose
    • learn the basics of grammar and punctuation for writing and proofreading.

Among the instruction will be looking at different types of writing purpose, audience/recipient, and tonal appropriateness (language use).


Individual one-on-one time with the instructor to focus on specific challenges or areas of concern and get personal feedback on any work- past or in development.

This time is particularly useful for more deeply reviewing/practicing any of the concepts discussed in the group lesson; if the materials are sensitive, or if they would simply feel more comfortable getting additional support one-on-one.

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


Individual Hours


After a consultation with One Lit Place during which we will determine what you/your team needs and how many lessons (and for what length) you wish to have, a writing coach will be assigned. The coach will instruct you/your team via a virtual meeting and hold individual meetings also via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

The meetings will be a combination of instruction, Q&A, practicing, and providing assignments to be completed prior to the next meeting.

A private team will be created in our editors’ platform where all participants will be invited to ask questions or share content of interest. This is a valuable way of communicating with the instructor between sessions.

An initial block of time will be requested upfront; all subsequent time will be billed at intervals during the instruction period of afterwards.

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