Nonfiction Writing, Memoir Writing, & Nonfiction Editing

Whether you’re new to nonfiction writing, writing a memoir or your life story, or preparing to publish your nonfiction work, our writing coaches and editors are here to provide you with the support you need. 

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Write Your Memoir 4 Months

You have a story to tell, whether it’s bold and dramatic or about the life you have led. You are ready to tell it in order to share your experiences and create community and connection by doing so. But how do you begin?

Our Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program provides a specific infrastructure and coaching support for the memoir writer or narrative nonfiction writer that will ensure you’re generating pages, staying on track, and getting the guidance, instruction, and being held accountable so you end up with a manuscript in your hands at the end.

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Write Your Self-Development or Nonfiction Book in 4 Months

This comprehensive 4-month book-writing program is for writers working on journalistic nonfiction, nonfiction of ideas (such as Malcolm Gladwell), business or self-help/self-development, or nonfiction books that based on research (academic hybrids).

Following the structural trajectory of bringing your reader from one state of knowledge or awareness into another, these books provide information, insight, and deepen your reader’s awareness and understanding of the subject- and of themselves.

The lessons, insights, and writing schedule provide all you need to successfully complete an early draft in 4 months.

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Nonfiction Writing Coaching & Editing

If you’re ready to get moving with your writing and would like to know you have a writing coach who is dedicated to helping you be accountable, provide infrastructure, brainstorm ideas, and give you resources and guidance as you work on your writing, you’ll want to secure your editor and keep them for the long haul.

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Expert Memoir and Nonfiction Editing & Publication Support

When you’re ready to get your novel manuscript edited, it’s time to get a professional editor on board. From developmental feedback to substantive editing to copyediting and proofreading, we’ll help you prepare your work for publication.

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Cultivating Creativity: A Self-Guided Online Course for Nonfiction Writers

Whether you’re just starting your writing practice, or you’ve been writing for years, this 31-day online writing course will give you the opportunity to learn, have fun, and generate a ton of new content that will springboard you into all kinds of new directions. It’s a great way to spend a few minutes every day, and after just one month, you’ll feel energized, empowered, and motivated to keep your writing going!


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