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Services for Nonfiction Writers: Personal Essay, Memoir & Nonfiction

your voice, your story, and your insights matter

Whether you’re new to nonfiction writing, writing a memoir or your life story, or preparing to publish your nonfiction work, our writing coaches and editors are here to provide you with the support you need. 

Early Stage Ideation and Development

You have a story to tell, and you are ready to tell it. To begin, ramp up your writing muscles by brainstorming, learning, or getting early-stage guidance and direction from a personal writing coach to find the essence of your story- or spend a month warming up and prepping your writing muscles in our 31-day habit-forming creativity course.

black coffee cup and white espresso cup on wood table with man's arm
Personalized writing coaching
blue notebooks, reading glasses, turquoise espresso cup on wood table for creativity course
1-month Creativity Course

4-Month Mentored Nonfiction Book Programs

When you’re ready to turn your story into a book-length memoir or narrative nonfiction or create a work of journalistic nonfiction, “ideas” nonfiction (such as Malcolm Gladwell’s work), a business or self-help/self-development book, or a research-based nonfiction book (academic hybrid), our Write Your Memoir in 4 Months and Write Your Business | Self-Development Book in 4 Months programs give you everything you need to complete your draft in 4 months.

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Write Your Memoir in 4 Months Program
stack of business and self-development books beside yellow potted plant and reading glasses
Write Your Business | Self-Development Book in 4 Months Program

Revising and Tightening

After you have the main ideas of your early draft underway, you’re ready to begin the revision process. Collaborate with your coach and editor first to get a comprehensive look at what you’ve created with a manuscript evaluation before beginning the editing process with a substantive or structural look at the developing work to make sure the story flows, is well paced, and transports your reader.

revision pages with handwritten notes
Manuscript Evaluation
stack of white papers against white background
Substantive | Developmental Editing

Copy Editing

After your work is structurally sound, your editor will move on to looking at the draft at the line level. They’ll ensure each line is lyric, fluid, and flows as a cohesive unit. Then they’ll tighten the belt on your sentences so they’re clear, clean, and correct in the copy edit. 

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Copy Editing
pencil close up against black background

Pre- and Post-Publishing

In this last step, work with a professional writing coach to prepare your submission materials (book proposal, query, and cover letter) for traditional publishing.

Or, if you’re heading for self-publishing, we’re happy to format it for the online sales outlets or print-on-demand and help you upload it for print and e-book sales.

Lastly, once your book is on the shelf, we’re here to help with the marketing, website, and more to help you meet your readers – 

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Book Formatting
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Publishing Consultation
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Author Website Design

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