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Nonfiction Writing Coaching and Editing

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Writing Coaching & mentorship

Whether you'd benefit from an all-in-one program to help you write your memoir or work of nonfiction or you'd prefer the elasticity andflexibility of our personalized writing coaching, you'll get the support, insights, and accountability you need to get your work written.

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Your manuscript will be in fine form after going through one or more levels of editing to prepare it for eventual publication or distribution.

Our nonfiction writing coaching and editing target your specific work—and support you as the writer—with unique insights and skills honed from working extensively in the genre.

Writers who receive dedicated nonfiction writing coaching and editing support see a significant boost in productivity and intrinsic emotional benefit over working alone.


Our Nonfiction Writing Coaches and Editors specialize in helping nonfiction writers working on personal essays, stories, memoirs and self-development books envision and realize their projects from the very beginning all the way through to publication.


Whether you’re looking to brainstorm ideas or discuss your work’s concept, develop an outline, get feedback on the writing, be kept accountable, need a second pair of skilled eyes on the work for ensuring it is lean and correct, and put together a publication strategy including cover letters and proposals- we’re here for you- on your schedule, and in personalized ways that benefit you.

Our nonfiction writing coaches and editors get to know you and your work to help you succeed. Knowing you’re supported at every turn will make you feel more confident, powerful, and help you enjoy the work you’re doing that much more.

  • Discussion and development of writing practice and goals
  • Personal support and guidance
  • Brainstorming & story consultation
  • Manuscript Evaluation | Developmental Feedback
  • Substantive editing, Line and Copy Editing, and Proofreading
  • Personalized publication strategy development
  • Individualized grammar instruction


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