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Need To Blog Better? Help Is Here With The Blogshop

With limited time, you need to maximize your blogging to benefit your business. Fortunately if you feel you need to blog better, help is here with the blogshop, our online course to help you learn the best way to blog and get you solid material to start with-

Dear writer and small business owner,

This is your friendly blogmother, Jenna.

I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on something for you small business owners and writers who blog- or don’t (yet) that will change your whole approach to blogging and significantly ramp up your visibility, audience rapport, and sales.

*Now, if you withered even a bit at the word “blog” because you know how necessary blogging is for your business and books’ visibility and sales, yet “write a blog” has been languishing on your *should do* list for so long that the mere mention of it stresses you out  … then the help you need is here, and it’s time to listen up.

*Or you can simply scroll down, sign up for The Blogshop Self-Guided Course for Small Business Owners & Writers I’ve created specifically for you, and finally get to work.

Not Blogging with Good Intentions

It’s not as if you want blogging to stay in perpetual purgatory on your *should do* list. As a small business owner or a writer with books to sell, you’re very aware that regularly posting new content:

      • Grows your business and books’ sales
      • Establishes and maintains a trusting relationship with your audience
      • Taps into new readership so they also become enthusiastic about your products and services and share them with others. 

The problem isn’t desire; it’s time. You’re so stretched that at any given moment, you’re only microseconds from losing your marbles.

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Perhaps you, like so many others in your situation (which is to say nearly everyone) have back-burnered your blogging until you have more time, ardently wanting to believe that at some point you in fact will have more time.

This belief is both sweet and sad because let’s be clear. You will never have more time. Not ever. Not for your entire life until you are dead.

But you know (because you’ve done it) that you can Parkinson’s Law the heck out of your schedule if the tasks on your plate are valuable and necessary for your success.

Indeed, you’ve probably published some blogs- and if you have, no doubt they are terrific: people read them, commented on them, and shared them with their friends. 

Your audience trusts you and likes you, and were you to write more, they’d drop what they were doing and read. That’s some kind of power!

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Not Blogging Is A Lost Opportunity To Organically Grow

However, if you’ve let your blogging slip away and your blogs are not there to to heal your clients’ and customers’ pain, give them information, or make them laugh or think in ways that only you can, you can be sure that someone else’s blogs are. Those are now the businesses and authors they are gravitating to with their trust, social media shares, and money.

Moreover, those who regularly post content are perceived more as trustworthy purveyors of their trade/service/goods, and as such, more competent than those who blog once in a while or not at all.

[Which of course is ridiculous- you’re extremely competent, and you’re this way because you spend all your time providing said trade/service/good rather than writing about it, but that’s not how the world works anymore, so we have to suck it up and hit the keyboard].

What a double whammy: by not blogging, not only are you not growing your reach or strengthening your relationship with existing readers, you’re losing the clients and customers you once had. Ouch.


So, knowing you need to blog, here is your choice for today:

      • You can not blog and see slow growth and even slower sales


You’re ready, and you’ve been ready for some time. You’ve only been waiting for the right kind of nudge to push you into action. And so, here it is!

this is the sign you've been looking for sign for The Blogshop self-guided online course at One Lit Place for
For Those Who Need to Blog Better, Help is Here with The Blogshop: A Self-Guided Course for Small Business Owners & Writers

In 6 lessons (delivered by email), you will go from not blogging much or at all and feeling crummy about it to being a purposeful, motivated, and productive blogger with a year’s worth of blog material in your back pocket.

The Blogshop’s lessons take place over 18 days, giving you time and opportunity to generate abundant material (along with lists of topics, resources, and tools that will carry you far into the future).

The lessons’ videos, lectures, comprehensive 20-page workbook, and resources, make this course fun, user-friendly, and engaging- the very thing to revamp your perspective and process AND perfect for enjoying with your morning coffee!

Once you take on blogging as a natural part of your writing or business lifestyle, you will be motivated and energized by people’s response to your content and the uptick in sales. You will feel tremendous satisfaction to be able to serve your audience in such an intimate way.

Blogging Made Easy, Fun, & Productive

Now, you can continue to wish you had time and drag yourself to your computer here and there, or even get someone else to write your blogs for you (at $250-$400 for a 500-word blog)–

Or you can get empowered with valuable tools and skills, a whole new way of thinking, and a year’s worth of material that will ramp up your visibility, audience rapport, and sales (plus, the investment in the course is tax-deductible).

The Blogshop: A Self-Guided Course for Small Business Owners and Writers.

Warmly yours,



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