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Memoir Editing and Publication Support

let our professional editors fine-tune your nonfiction for publication

Memoir and Nonfiction Manuscript Editing & Nonfiction Publication Support

Finish Your Memoir or Nonfiction Project & Prepare for Publication 

It may feel daunting to hand your manuscript over to a professional editor at first, but when you see how they go about shaping it to make the work as dynamic, engaging, and highly readable as possible, you will feel lighter and positive about what the future holds for your work. 

Rather than judge or evaluate your project, your editor will become your literary partner. Their ability to see your work through a reader’s lens and skill in helping shape the draft to become its leanest, most on-task, and most “itself only better” will give it the best chance of success.


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The Editing steps that take place after you complete your first draft

The work happens over a few stages:

  • Manuscript evaluation to give you clear next steps in the revision
  • Writing coaching to help you through the revision process
  • Substantially (developmentally) editing the work’s structure and purpose
  • Line and copy editing so the sentences sing
  • Proofreading the work to ensure it’s error free
  • Expert publication advice and support to guide you through the options of self-publishing or traditional publishing and preparing submission materials: query, book proposal, and sample chapters. 

Free Book Planning Worksheet & Consultation

1. Sign up to fill out a worksheet designed to show you your goals for writing a memoir or nonfiction book, what kind of coaching or editing support would benefit you most, and how to implement a strategy for approaching the revision process.

2. Schedule your complementary no-commitment consultation to discuss ways we can support you throughout the work, so your book makes it to publication!

The editing-to-publication preparation process happens over 4 clear steps

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Early-to-Mid-Stage Feedback & Editing

To begin, your editor will meet with you to discuss your manuscript, your goals for it, and its purpose.

They will then either provide constructive feedback on the developing draft from macro to micro in a manuscript evaluation and coach you while you revise the draft, and/or take over and perform the substantive edit to shape the draft to its purpose, streamline the content, enhance the clarity and insights, and ensure the voice and pacing are consistent. 

Late-Stage Editing & Publication Support

Line and copy editing ensure the lines are clear and musical as well as correct.

Last, they’ll proofread the work to ensure the draft is clear with no typos. A publication strategy can then be determined and designed to help you know whether to aim for self-publishing or traditional publishing and what steps you can take to achieve that publishing goal. They’ll help you prepare your submission materials, advise on marketing, and if you’d like your book formatted for self-publication or an author website designed, we’ve got you covered.

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Manuscript Evaluation
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Editing Services
Publication Support


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