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Line Editing

ensure your writing is clear, grammatically correct, fluid, and pleasant to read

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Often referred to as “stylistic editing,” line editing is the art of the line.

This edit “listens” to the music of your prose and bearing in mind your particular stylistic tendencies and narrative voice, smoothes out the sentences so the music of the language is pleasing to read.

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How Is Line Editing Different from Copy Editing?

Where line editing “artfully” listens to the prose and delivers the story on the right tone and touch of language, copy editing “scientifically” whips the language into shape and ensures it’s correctly used in line with grammar, punctuation and syntactical conventions.

Depending on your editor, line and copy editing may be done as a hybrid or separately.

Talk to us about what you’re looking for, and we’ll advise you on how to begin!

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To get started with us, purchase your first block of time, and we’ll firm up the details of the relationship: your editor, what you’re looking to do, and how we’ll care for you and for your manuscript to get you going straight away.

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