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Grammar and Style Instruction

ensure your writing is clear, grammatically correct, fluid, and pleasant to read

chicago manual of style

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Grammatical missteps can cause a manuscript to get tossed, a blog dismissed, or an idea rejected. It may not be fair, but sloppy presentation tends to be perceived as coming from a sloppy mind.

Learning not just the rules with grammar and style instruction but also how to break them with authority is the writer’s right and obligation; in language, we develop and embody our voices and styles as writers.

Our Grammar & Style instruction goes beyond the rules of English grammar and takes you into what makes language beautiful, musical, and a pleasure to hear and read.

In private lessons tailored to your particular needs, our grammar instructors will teach you how to create correct lyrical sentences that are fluid, pleasing, unexpected– and set you apart from all others.

Lessons can be adapted to your needs:

  • a single lesson to learn the 10 major language pitfalls or email basics or to have a private deconstruction and tutorial of best practices in writing using your own writing as a relevant teaching tool
  • a short series of six 45-minute lessons covering the basics of grammar, punctuation, and syntax along with common errors and usages (5 hours)
  • a comprehensive 3-module course that explores:
    • best practices in email
    • how to structure a variety of documents based on purpose and format and adapting one’s writing to their audience
    • grammar and punctuation basics (for good writing and proofreading)

For individuals & groups.


Get started by purchasing the amount of time you'd like to begin with, and we'll be in touch to schedule your first lesson:

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Block


We work virtually over your preferred platform and design a schedule that suits your needs.

Clients are also given a private team in our editors platform where you can ask your writing coach questions, for spot help or editing, and securely share documents.

The benefit of having a private writing coach providing the lessons is not only can we can take a client-led collaborative approach- we welcome it! Your needs are what we want to address, and if you have specific work or issues we would be happy to work with those as much as you need. 

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