Friends & Family Book Promo Pocket Guide

Note: the below pocket guide is a template you can personalize with a greeting, your name, the name and publisher of your book, and any other info you wish to include.

To personalize the file, please copy the template below and save it to your computer or a Google doc:


    1. Copy the text below (highlight the text with your mouse by going to your browser’s Menu , click Edit –> Copy or use keys to copy: “command + c” )
    2. Open a Word doc or a Google doc
    3. Click on the document with your mouse, then either go to your browser’s Menu, click Edit –>”Paste” or use keys to paste: “command + v”)

Once you have the tip sheet in a Word or Google doc, you can save it and email, share on social media, or print as you need!

*If you have any trouble copying and pasting the below sheet into a Word doc on your computer or a Google doc, please reach out to, and we’ll be very happy to help!

three hands holding coffee cups together

Friends & Family Book Promo Pocket Guide


As you may or may not know, I’ve written a book called [TITLE] by [PUBLISHER]. I’m very excited to get this book out into the world, and I would like to ask you, as someone in my inner circle, for help.

Below you will see a list of potential efforts that you can make to support the book. These efforts range from taking only a moment to click a few online links to larger-scale initiatives, but any of them will be extremely helpful!

[Author note: Optional further personalization]

1. Share a review online

To help you write your review, this article provides a breakdown on the anatomy of a good review with examples.

*IMPORTANT NOTE ON AMAZON REVIEWS: Amazon is very clever. If their algorithm can sense any connection between us; for example, if we are friends on Facebook or have interacted online in any way, not only might they remove any review you leave or block your account from posting one, they could block my book from receiving any future reviews entirely. If we have interacted online in any way, please do not leave a review on Amazon.

2. Request it in places that sell/loan books

Your local bookstore:

  • Ask the staff at your local bookstore if they plan to order in [TITLE] or have any copies in the store if it’s been released. You can do this by phone, e-mail, or in person.
  • If they have it on order, they will ask you if you’d like to “special-order” it. Please note, if you say yes, you are obliged to pay for the book (but doing so supports your bookstore and supports the book/me, so it’s a win for everyone!)

Online wish list:

  • If you already have an account at, .com, .UK, or another country’s Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indigo, you can put the book onto your account’s “wish list”. Putting things onto your wish list creates demand for the book, and the book’s rating on the site will go up.

*You are not obliged to buy any of the items you put onto your wish list.

  • Choose one (or more) of the following online bookstore(s) and add [TITLE] to your wish list. Below is a partial list of online bookstores:

On (US):


On (Canada):


On (Canada):


On Barnes and Noble (U.S.)


On (UK)


Your library

This is the same as with the book store; you can call or go in person to request the book. If you do it online in your library’s app (for example, Overdrive), and the book is not available, find the link to request that the book be purchased by the library.

3) Post on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram

[Author note: Optional:] I’ve created a secret friends/family page on my website [LINK] where you can find details about the book including graphics, blurbs you’ll find on the book jacket, tweets and social media posts, and other content that will make it easy for you to share posts about the book on any social media.

[Author note: If you do not have a website and cannot provide the above-mentioned secret page, consider offering pre-made posts and tweets, images, and quotes to include with this letter that your friends and family can use on their social media feeds.]

4) Book club

I will be happy to virtually visit your book club to talk about the book, answer questions, and generally engage with your group about any aspect of the writing or the process of writing the book.

[Author note: Add whether you will be willing to sell copies at a discounted rate to the book club members].

Thank you!

[Author sign off/signature]

If you come across any other valuable grassroots marketing techniques you pass along to your friends and family that you’d like to share with us, we’re always looking for further ways to support our writing community!

Please fill out the below form, and we’ll be very glad to update our letter or reach out to you for further conversation about your writing any time.