Manuscript Draft Consultation

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A manuscript draft can take on many forms as it finds its ultimate shape. Getting a skilled editor to collaborate with you on identifying what you have, where it’s meant to go, and how to get it there is one of the most actionable things you can do to help yourself reach publication.

  • Do you have an idea for a book, but you’re not sure what to do next?

  • Have you been taking notes and now have pages and pages of them and need some direction about what to do with them?

  • Are you putting together an outline for a book and want to bounce your ideas off an editor to see whether it’s linear and clear?

  • Do you have a complete rough draft and would like to see how the book is coming across and get notes on how to begin tightening and revising?


The beginning is the hardest; why go through it alone? Whether you leap in and let the writing take you into the project, or you’re a planner who wishes to have an outline and notes as a guide, having an editor to talk through the developing project with you is invaluable.

Our editors listen to your goals for the project, assess what you’re looking to do and how you work best, and offer advice and practical application for how you can get your book written. Like a personal trainer (or perhaps more appropriately, a literary fairy godparent), your editor is there for you however you need.

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