Developmental Feedback

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If you have a late-stage manuscript you’d like to get an editor’s eyes on because you’re too close to to be able to clearly see what it needs to prepare it for publication, a round of developmental feedback is the perfect solution.

Developmental feedback is a deep read-through of your work whereby your editor annotates the manuscript as well as provides a comprehensive editorial note that addresses the following:

  • identify the project’s purpose and organization
  • indicate developing themes, plot lines and characters
  • address cohesion, pacing and flow
  • illustrate how to structure and enhance elements of the work to ensure the manuscript is unique, dynamic, and purposeful
  • address issues of clarity at the line level
  • suggest next steps and revision strategies.

The reason developmental or deep intensive feedback is useful to writers is it helps you refine and shape your early-stage project (book-length fiction and nonfiction as well as short story, essay, article and poetry) and gives structured guidance and actionable steps that serve as a “road map” as you enter into revision.

Having this map to follow makes the revision process much easier and focused; plus, having your editor on hand to answer questions during that process is invaluable for both emotional support and also to help guide the process succinctly and collaboratively.

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