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A professional editor's acumen and skill will help you take your literary vision and refine your novel draft for publication.

Part sculptor, part visionary, and all language expert, our novel editors collaborate with authors to provide direction with revision, editing, and novel proofreading services. When your novel is complete, our expert publication advice and support will serve as a guide as you consider self-publishing, traditional publishing, or look for a literary agent.

Knowing you’re supported at every turn will make you feel more confident, powerful, and prepared for getting your work out in the world.

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If you have finished your early novel draft, you're ready to get sharp, smart, and focused support from a writing coach and editor. Collaborate with us and you will feel confident you're going to streamline your revision process and soon have a publishable book.

Writing the early draft is pure creative flow. Once you have a novel draft, you are required to entirely change gears and become your own editor, re-seeing the draft anew and attending to the book's structure, pacing, and overall purpose all the way through character development to language use. This tactical approach to writing the book can feel lawless and downright hard.

Our coaches and editors are trained in the art of seeing the big picture and either collaboratively or on your behalf refining the book with your voice and purpose in mind.

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How It Works: Editing Your Novel Draft

You and your writing coach determine what you need based on the level of edit and how hands-on you wish to be during the revision, copyediting, and proofreading process. Between meeting with your editor over video, phone and/or live chat, and sharing drafts back and forth as you refine the work, you will collaboratively arrive at a publishable novel draft.

Next you can determine what your publishing goals are and find the best strategy for getting you there, whether it's self-publishing, traditional publishing, or finding a literary agent.

The revision-editing process happens in two main phases: Feedback and Editing, and Late Stage Proofreading & Publication Support.


Developmental Feedback, Coaching, & Copy Editing

- Developmental feedback on early manuscript pages
- Substantive to light copy editing
- Continual support and instruction on writing craft

Your editor will provide constructive feedback on the developing draft from macro to micro and provide a written road map for how to implement any changes, teach you editorial skills to help you self-edit, or take care of the novel editing for you. How much or little you wish to lean on your editor is up to you, and the craft and editorial skill you learn along the way will serve you for your whole writing career.

Late-Stage Editing & Publication Support

- Collaboratively refine book purpose, structure, pacing, and flow
- Provide substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading
- Assist with query, synopsis or proposal & publication support

Your editor will help refine the draft at the chapter, section, paragraph, and line level so it is lean, concise, purposeful and correct. A publication strategy can be determined to help you know whether to aim for self-publishing or traditional publishing and what steps you can take to achieve that publishing goal.


Writing Coaching & Mentorship

$120 /hour
  • Targeted Support to Enhance, Strengthen, and Increase Your Skills & Productivity
  • Guidance, Accountability, Brainstorming, and Feedback + Resources, Prompts, & Strategies
  • Customized Process to Meet Your Schedule, Goals, & Budget
  • Feel Confident, Motivated, & Energized!

Copy Editing & Publication Support

$120 /hour
  • Developmental Feedback / Manuscript Critique, and Revision Strategies
  • Substantive/Structural Editing, Copy, and Line Editing
  • Proofreading & Formatting for Submission or Self-Publication
  • Nonfiction Proposals, Queries, and Submission Material Support and Publication Guidance

Other Ways We Help Writers:

General Writing Coaching & Editingjournal and coffee on whitewashed table for One Lit Place at onelitplace.comFoundational guidance, support, and writing craft instruction along with developmental feedback, substantive editing, and proofreading ensure you- and your projects- are covered.

Write Your Novel in 4 Months Programvintage typewriter at onelitplace.comWith our unique framework of a dedicated mentor, self-directed study, and a clear writing plan, get a complete novel draft in 4 short months.

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Editing FAQs

Writing Courses & Seminars at One Lit Place at onelitplace.comWhat Can I Expect from a Writing Coach and Editor?

From the moment you sign on with us, our primary job is to support you in the specific ways you need. Whether you have a draft and need feedback and consultation on its development or you're ready for copy editing of any level, your writing coach & editor will collaborate with you to determine your work is in line with your expectations and pushes you into the areas of work that will get your book ready for publication.

If you're not yet sure what you need, your coach will discuss options with you to see how to proceed.

Where Do I Meet My Writing Coach & Editor?

All our work is done virtually, making it easy to fit into any schedule (and pandemic-friendly). You will have a secure private team in our editors' platform where you can chat in real time and exchange documents. For meetings, we meet over video or phone. Throughout the process, you can collaborate with your coach & editor as much or as little as you like and as is beneficial to you and your developing manuscript.

Financial Investment

The base fee for working with a coach and editor begins at $120/hr. We charge hourly, in blocks of 5 hours, so you can design the work around what it- or your budget- needs. All time is logged in 5-minute intervals and kept in a sheet in your Private Team, so you can always see your progress.

Coaching often merges with novel editing as you develop your ideas and embark on a manuscript or individual writing assignments. The rate for all coaching, editing, and novel proofreading services is the same, so you can continue working with your editor all throughout the project clear to publication.

Do You Offer Package Rates?

Because coaching & editing are an elastic process, we work on an hourly basis only. This enables you and your writing coach & editor to design a program that works specifically for your needs and budget.

We do offer paid representative 3-hour sample edits of your work in order to determine a budget and project rate for the requested level of edit. In that time, we can determine based on the rate of speed and pages covered, how much it will cost for your editor to perform that level of edit.

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What Do I Need to Do to Begin?

We begin with a signed agreement, so you know your work and ideas are confidential, how the relationship works, and how payment is made. Then once payment for the initial block of time of 5 hours is made, we get you set up in our editors platform and you're good to go!

Feel free to be in touch any time by email or phone- we offer a free, no-commitment consultation to all writers and are happy to answer questions any time. We're always ready to see how we can help you reach your writing goals!


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