Driven to Write: A Field Guide to the Writer’s Creative Mind

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You know you’re a creative person, but have you ever thought about what it is that makes you creative?

Jenna Kalinsky owner of full-service online writers' center One Lit Place at onelitplace.comHi, I’m Jenna Kalinsky, the founder of One Lit Place. (Very nice to meet you!) I created this course because as a life-long creative person, I decided it was time to go to the source to better understand what makes creative people unique.

The research was affirming and also inspiring; being creative is a gift. The work we do moves people, which is important for everyone. Art, and writing in particular, connects people and unifies them in beautiful, intimate ways.

Thank you for joining me as we explore what drives us to write!

Drive to Write: A 2-Part Course

In this course, we’ll first examine the scientific reasons you are a creative person, looking at what happens in the brain to make us so unique (and for that reason so comfortable around other creative people). Next, we’ll see why writing is a perfect fit for the creative person, which will explain why you are drawn to it and have chosen to make it your creative pursuit- or intend to.

The Creative Brain 

You’ve always known you were “different” from some people. You can tell when it’s not a good match because they don’t quite seem to get you, or it’s a bit of an awkward connection.

On the flip side, when you meet some folks for the first time, within seconds you might feel at home with them as if you’ve known one another for years.

It’s not arbitrary that you gel with some people and not others; in fact, there’s a distinct scientific reason for it. Creative people’s brains are wired to process the world differently from non-creative people.

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The Markers of a Creative Person

Creative people are intelligent, deep-feeling, and great storytellers. We’re open minded, risk-takers, imaginative, generally don’t mind a bit of mess, and feel happiest when expressing our creative impulses.

A creative person can no more help being creative than they can help the color of their eyes. Your natural brain function, traits, and behaviours are what make you gravitate to creative work and fields where you can express yourself and share your expressions with others.

A career or hobby in art, entrepreneurship, or writing is a natural extension of you using your brain the way it’s designed—and feeling at home in the world.

It’s a special person whose brain works this way. When you learn to embrace your natural proclivities and honor them by acknowledging them through your writing, you’re empowered and confident that you- doing all you do creatively- are doing the right thing.


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