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Category: Writing Tips

bridge in forest

The Best 3 Techniques to Rewrite Your First Draft

For many writers, the bridge from a first draft to rewriting a short story or novel is long, shaky, and leads to an uncertain destination. Rather than despair, use these 3 techniques (and watch the video below!) to rewrite your first draft, and you will be able to successfully prepare it for publication!

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Part 11: The 2 Best Nonfiction Book Revision Strategies

When you’re writing a nonfiction book (or any book, article, essay, or blog), you need to bridge the first messy draft to the publishable draft with revisions: the middle drafts of your book that you “re-see” in order to tighten, refine, and heighten the structure, form, and function of the work. These 2 revision techniques are incredible for getting the job done (nearly) painlessly.

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The 3 Best Strategies for Generating Great Writing

When the writing gets touch, the tough use their arsenal of strategies they keep in their back pocket to get them through. These are the 3 best strategies for generating great writing, hands down. Make a note, stick it to your computer or writing desk, and you’ll always be able to continue your work!

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