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Category: Writing Life

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In What Ways Is Writing a Novel Like Losing 55 Pounds? All of Them

Are you tired of not writing your novel? Want to get the junk out of your trunk? Stop torturing yourself by trying to do it alone and instead get yourself into a program that takes care of all the details, so you can focus on what matters: writing your novel. You may have never thought that writing a novel is like losing 55 pounds (or any pounds), but in fact they are similar in every way.

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Written on the Body: How to Sit, Stay Fit, and Create a Writing Space to Protect Your Body

Most of us writers take our ability to sit over our keyboards unencumbered as a given—until our comfort is snatched away by injury or strain. If we preventatively pay attention to a few healthy tenets of sitting posture, stay fit and active, and take time to create a positive writing space and good at-home writing habits, we’re protecting our body’s health and ability to continue to support us as we write.

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Why We Write

Why we write is it fuels us to process, create, and become on the page and to affect change and do our part to make the world a better place by sharing it.

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Do You Need an MFA to Write a Novel?

A long-held belief continues to pervade emerging writers’ thinking: if you want to become a writer, earning an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) is essential. Yet while an MFA is valuable for many reasons, if your goal is to write a novel (or other long-form book project), an MFA may be overkill, sideline you from your goal, and put you into debt for many years. Since mentor support, literary education, and peer connection can be found in private writing programs — for a fraction of the cost and in ways that may ultimately suit your writing goals more personally and relevantly than a university degree program— it’s worth examining your priorities before going back to school and asking, “Do you need an MFA to write a novel?”

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No One Is As Resourceful As a Parent Writer

Parent writers find their time is squeezed on the best of days, but when COVID-19 struck, between working from home, homeschooling the kids, and keeping the family afloat and healthy, there was never less time to write than ever before. But no one is as resourceful as a parent writer. See how they re-defined what “essential” services meant and how they as parents and as writers were important and necessary for themselves and for the community at large.

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