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Category: Writing Life

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Fix Your Writer’s Block: 4 Tricks That Work Every Time

If you can’t write, you can fix your writer’s block with these 4 tricks that work every time. Not only are these instant fixes great for stopping writers’ block and helping you get your writing flow back but for generally helping you live better and have a healthier and happier mindset every day. Not bad, right?

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Writer Gift Guide

Supporting creativity through the gifts you give is a gift for both the giver and for the receiver. Our One Lit Place Writers’ Gift Guide is a curated list of items, services, memberships, and charitable causes that will make the writer in your life feel loved – and help support the broader community.

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Is My Story Memoir Worthy?

Writers question all the time whether their stories are worthy of memoir. If you know that telling your story will be meaningful to you, give you a valuable chance to examine your life with inquiry, and show others how you transformed to give them as much opportunity to transform, too, then you know you have a memoir worth telling.

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Perfectionism, Permission, and Pleasure in Writing

Recently I sat down to talk about writing with Thea Sutton, author of historical novel, The Women of Blackmouth Street and writing coach and mentor on the One Lit Place creative team. We discussed the three Ps: perfectionism, permission, and pleasure in writing and how writers can avoid, give, and enjoy them in turns by making minor shifts to our expectation of the creative process.

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Unplugging: How Writers Do It

Writers need to unplug as much as anyone. Yet while how writers unplug may look like work to the layperson, our continuing to stay creative refuels us in important ways.

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10 Really Good Reasons to Take an Online Writing Course at One Lit Place

Our online programs have evolved to suit the needs of writers’ busy schedules and precise project needs. Our self-guided and mentored programs support our writers in targeted personalized ways to help you reach your writing goals. Check out our 10 really good (!) reasons taking an online writing course or program is a fantastic way of boosting your writing, ramping up your productivity, and moving to a whole new place in your work and writing process as you prepare to publish.

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