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Category: Writing Life

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6 Questions to Help New Writers Get Started

If you’re new, or new-ish, to writing, you may have feelings of uncertainty that prompt questions. The good news is everyone has a similar experience when getting started. We’ve provided answers to the 6 most common questions, along with strategies and resources, to help you feel more comfortable as you embark on this next exciting phase of your life in letters.

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How to Finally Start That Writing Project in the New Year

It’s fun to capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm of a new year to finally write the book you’ve been wanting to write. If you’ve ever made a resolution to get in shape, you can use our 6 tips—applicable to both fitness enthusiasts and writers— to help you embrace the work, manage it, and enjoy yourself along the way!

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Set Up Strong Writing Goals by Using SMART

Writers know that good writing comes from being clear and specific. Your own goals as a writer should be treated the same so the goals feel real, defined, and most of all attainable. By using the acronym SMART, you’ll strengthen your writing goals and go from identifying what you desire to taking specific action that will help you achieve real success.

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Write Your Way to Wellness

When your mind is full and your schedule packed, the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, and spirit is to write. Read about how you can write your way to wellness so you start feeling whole, motivated, and strong in no time!

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Celebrating Writers of a Certain Age

We are biologically wired to be inclined toward youth, so it makes sense that we as a culture revere it the way we do. Yet the flip side is to fear maturity, a fear that has infiltrated all walks of life, including the publishing industry. Our work as a culture and as writers is to recognize and celebrate the distinct grace, depth, and wisdom that writers of a certain age bring to the table and enjoy how much richer we all are as a result of the work they do.

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Need to Keep Your Kids Busy? Write a Scavenger Hunt!

Little fills a parent with more dread than knowing you’ve got a stretch of time ahead when your kids will be unoccupied and bored. Rather than succumbing to hours of screen time, write them a scavenger hunt instead! When you need to keep your kids busy, writing them a scavenger hunt engages them in fun, action, and problem-solving, and you get to flex your creative muscles as a writer and as a parent. Scavenger hunts are win-win, and below you’ll see several examples you can use as templates for your own kids!

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When Is It Time to Call Yourself a Writer?

Have you ever wondered at what point in your writing journey it is time to call yourself a writer? It’s not clear cut like it is in other professions because unlike those who get their titles right away, writers have to earn theirs. To know when it’s time, you can use 3 criteria. Meet those, and you’ll know you’ve finally joined the ranks of idea makers and creatives.

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Can’t Write? Here’s How to Keep Creative In Other Ways

When life prevents you from writing or you’ve got writer’s block, try these tips to help you keep creative when you can’t write. These alternative creative efforts will help you feel strong and re-energized, so you’ll be much more capable and enthusiastic to get back to doing great work.

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