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Category: Editing

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How to Know When It’s Time to Indent (or Not)

Writers are so familiar with reading on the web, we’ve started writing everything with the same formatting. Yet there’s a time and a place for different methods of formatting, and readers have a different experience as a result. Let’s look at how to know when it’s time to indent or not.

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The Best 4-Step Process for Editing Your Manuscript on Paper

You may rely on your tech for most everything you do with your writing, but when it comes to editing your manuscript, editing on paper is still the best method. By using the below 4-step process for editing your manuscript on paper with our FREE checklist, you’re putting your book in the best possible position for success!

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You Don’t Want Your Editor to Like Your Writing

It seems logical that when you complete a piece of writing, you’d want to share it with someone who is going to tell you nice things, namely that they like it (heck, you worked your fingers off- you deserve some kind words!) But what is even more satisfying is to share it with someone who will not gauge it in such terms as whether they like it or not; instead, they’ll be focused on seeing your writing in all its complexity and honoring it by providing constructive insights that are way more helpful to you in the long run. Read on to see why you don’t want your editor to like your writing.

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Developmental Feedback Is A Road Map For Revision

Developmental Feedback is the comprehensive editorial letter and manuscript margin notes an editor makes on your manuscript. When you’re ready to get a complete and thorough read on your work, developmental feedback provides a road map to help you see your writing anew, so you can prepare it for distribution or publication.

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Part 12: How to Edit Your Nonfiction Book Down to Size

You’ve worked very hard on your nonfiction book manuscript and put in everything you felt would be valuable. Now it’s too long, so the next step is learning how to part ways with your material and edit your nonfiction book down to size so you end up with a clean lean nonfiction book your readers will appreciate.

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The Best 3 Techniques to Rewrite Your First Draft

For many writers, the bridge from a first draft to rewriting a short story or novel is long, shaky, and leads to an uncertain destination. Rather than despair, use these 3 techniques (and watch the video below!) to rewrite your first draft, and you will be able to successfully prepare it for publication!

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