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How to Copy Edit Your Manuscript Like a Pro

As a writer, you have one job: to communicate. (That’s it! So streamlined!). Even if you’re not a trained editor, you can copy edit your writing like a pro by using our downloadable checklist and paying attention to the 10 most important things to look for when copy editing your manuscript. Take your time, make notes, and you’ll be positioning your manuscript to best showcase your ideas, strut your stuff, and get into the right hands.

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Do Deadlines or Daily Writing Make You a Better Writer?

Many people feel having a deadline is the single best thing to make you a better writer: you’re motivated to produce, you strive to entertain and inform in new and dynamic ways, and you churn out work you didn’t even know you had in you by a specific time. Yet as many folks believe a steady writing practice is what produces work of quality and depth and helps writers maintain their focus through consistently developing their ideas. So which is it?

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5 Ways to Reach Your Fall Writing Goals

Spring cleaning is nice, but if you ask me, it’s got nothing on autumn organization. With the deepening of the season, the crisping and calming as the world prepares to sleep, this is the perfect time of year to take stock, clean up, and feel renewed.

This checklist includes the 5 ways to reach your fall writing goals and is the perfect way to make sure your writing life is in order. Take a few minutes to go through the 5 points, check off each as you do them, then curl up in big socks, grab a hot drink, and know you’re ready for the season to come.

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Verisimilitude: Why It’s Important to Get Your Story Facts Straight

You work hard to capture your reader’s attention, but errors in fact can cause them to lose their faith in you as the author and walk away from your story. Versimilitude is key to arresting your reader and giving them the best environment in which to sink into your work. Read on to learn why it’s important to get your story facts straight and how to avoid missteps with your writing.

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The 14 Ways Your Writing Inspires Others

Writing can be challenging (an understatement!) so it’s easy to lose sight of how your writing, both the act of creating the work and the work itself, inspires other people. These 14 compelling ways writers inspire others, along with a challenge to inspire someone with your writing today, will help you feel strong and keep your writing going strong!

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Do You Need to Copyright Your Book?

Many writers think that they should copyright their book as soon as the manuscript is finished. After all, you spent months or years working on it, so before showing it to anyone, it should be protected, right? Yet copyrighting your book isn’t the best way to go in all cases. Read on to find out what you need to do to protect your work, and whether you need to copyright your book.

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The Only Reading List You Need for Summer 2023

This summer, whether you’re looking forward to an exciting vacation or a relaxing staycation, the right book (or let’s be real: books (because it’s impossible to read just one)) will transport you to different worlds and ignite your imagination, things a year-weary writer sorely needs. This reading list is the only one you will need for Summer 2023 to learn, relax, and be transported.

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Is My Story Memoir Worthy?

Writers question all the time whether their stories are worthy of memoir. If you know that telling your story will be meaningful to you, give you a valuable chance to examine your life with inquiry, and show others how you transformed to give them as much opportunity to transform, too, then you know you have a memoir worth telling.

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How to Tell Your Story (& Maintain Your Relationships): Memoir, Novel, or Autofiction

Memoir is a valuable literary container for a writer to arrive at clarity, closure, and insight. Our stories serve as social, cultural, and individual connective tissue for the reading community. If you’re concerned that those in your life won’t enjoy being memorialized in such a way, however, fictionalizing your story by writing it as a novel or autofiction still enables you to tell the truth but under the auspices of imagination. Read on to see how to tell your story & maintain your relationships in the genres of memoir, novel, or autofiction.

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