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Business Writing Coaching

strategic support, guidance, and insights to help you and your business thrive

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The sheer volume of writing you have to handle in your job or as a small business owner can be overwhelming– and worse is if you aren’t a trained writer or don’t have time to worry over correct structure, your tone, or good grammar. 

You’re judged not only on your ideas but on how they’re presented, and it’s hard on your self esteem and motivation to have to generate documents, website materials, blogs, presentations and more knowing you’re not in command of how you present your ideas on the page and cause you to question everything you write.

In some cases, an error can damage your reputation, or in the case of your small business, it can cost more than that. Rogers Communications in Canada once had to cough up a million dollars because of a misused comma in a contract. Oops!


Achieve Competence & Consistency in Your Business Writing

Our Business Writing Coaching is designed to be your writing partner, supporting you with learning how to write your documents in clear, clean language, structure them so they’re strong and purposeful, and tonally appropriate and on-brand.

If you’re a small business owner and want to take your writing to the next level by establishing a consistent blog-writing practice to boost your reputation and income, write and distribute an e-book, or write and publish a business or self-development book, our accountability, insights, relevant education, and hands-on training will build your confidence as you build your writing skills.

The Stages of Business Writing Coaching and Editing

Business writing coaching happens in three primary phases: Brainstorming & Accountability, Coaching and Editing, and Editing & Publication Support.

Brainstorming & Accountability

– Early stage ideas generation, instruction on best practices of writing, prompts, and resources via chat, phone, and/or video conference
– Design infrastructure for writing process and writer’s schedule
– Editorial assistance and guidance

Coaching & Editing

– Developmental feedback on early manuscript pages
– Continual support and instruction on project work
– Editorial support

Editing & Publication Support

– Collaboratively refine work’s purpose, structure, pacing, and flow
– Provide substantive editing, copyediting,* and proofreading
– Assist with website, presentations, CV and resume, blogs, and much more-

How it works:

Our coaching can become a regular part of your life to enable you to build your skills and have a writing partner and editorial guide by your side-

Or you can use your coach’s help as you need to boost your writing or get support on a specific project.

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