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When you’re tasked with copious amounts of writing for your job or as a small business owner, if structuring your ideas in writing, mastering the right voice on the page, and even grammar isn’t your particular skill set (or even if it is), it’s often hard to know when or how to put your best foot forward.

Achieve Competence & Consistency in Your Business Writing

When it comes to business writing, your clients and customers judge your ability to do your job based on how you present your business through your written material and your website content. You have to embody the tenants of your brand, express yourself clearly and your purpose must be defined, your tone has to be spot-on, and the grammar and sentence structure correct.

You can’t afford to make errors; they cost you your credibility and they can cost you much, much more than that. Rogers Communications in Canada once had to cough up a million dollars because of a misused comma in a contract. Oops!

Get Further, the sheer volume of writing you’re to do on a daily basis is vast: website copy, documentation for clients, proposals, blogs, and perhaps you’re working on lead magnets, e-books or a long-form book that you’d like to see published and on the shelves.



Why Get Business Writing Coaching?

Our coaches will teach you the essential skills of good, clear, concise communication, how to avoid grammar mistakes, and how to best construct your ideas depending on the situation to engender trust, sell a service or product, or showcase your business.

When YOU are the one who knows how to write sharp, smart documents, you’re the one with authority, and your clients, customers, and colleagues will trust your ability in your job that much more.

Our coaches instruct individuals or teams on the essentials of business writing:

  • Grammar usage and common pitfalls
  • Business documentation construction
  • Essential steps for good writing
  • Emails, texts & memos to the boss: how to toggle between audiences

Instruction is personalized and designed to meet your specific business writing needs. For individuals or teams.

How Does the Relationship Work with a Business Writing Coach?

Your coach will confirm with you what you’re looking to learn and explore, discuss a strategy for your coaching sessions, and then you two get to work. Throughout the process, your coach is available to you for conversation, instruction, sharing materials for feedback or assistance, and consultation.

How Do My Writing Coach and I Work Together?

Our coaches and editors meet you in a secure online platform where you can chat in real time and exchange and house documents, and schedule video or phone meetings. You can collaborate with your coach/editor as much or as little as you like whether that’s on a regular basis for consistency and steady improvement or as needed for project help, or both.

How Is Having a Business Writing Coach Beneficial for the Long Haul?

As you and your coach develop a rapport, trust, and a collaborative working relationship over time, you may find you take certain comfort in having a coach at your side, someone who is always available for consultation and editing and proofreading your writing. and is there for you personally as a writer and for your work.

Ultimately, by signing on with a coach, you have someone who is there for you and who has your back. There’s a tremendous feeling of assurance in that kind of support.


Feel free to be in touch any time by email or phone- we offer a free, no-commitment consultation to everyone. We’re always ready to see how we can help you reach your writing goals!

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