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Business Document and Book Editing

ensure your documents are clear, clean, and correct

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After you’ve gotten the ideas down, it’s time to get a business document and book editing professional on the case.

Our editors are on hand to help ensure your documents and book manuscripts are structurally solid, develop coherently, and that each section is clear and purposeful and each sentence is dynamic, sharp, and grammatically sound. Lastly they will proofread the document to catch any last errors ensuring you are distributing or publishing your best quality work.


The 3 Steps of Business Document and Book Editing

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This article does a terrific job explaining the difference between the level of editing

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


Individual Hours (Adjustable)


Your editor will be happy to look at your document and discuss with you its purpose and audience to determine with you what level of edit it may need before they begin. At that time, you may wish to share other details such as your budget or timeline to help them serve you best.

All of our business document and book editing is done on an hourly basis, and noted in 5-minute increments. This transparent billing enables us to seamlessly move through the editing levels and consult with you to ensure the document meets your specifications. The first two blocks of payment are requested up front; subsequent blocks of time for longer project work will be billed after each block of time is completed.

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