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When you’re a small business owner or a business professional, the writing support you need to keep up, establish and maintain your authority, and get ahead is all within reach.

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Write Your Business or Self-Development Book in 4 Months

Our structured writing plan along with continual support from your writing coach gets business writers a full draft of your self-development or self-improvement business book in 4 short months. A book that supports your business augments your business offerings, gives your clients and customers valuable insights, helps you gain and establish authority in your field, and brings about much more income opportunity by way of speaking engagements, book sales, and more.


Business Writing Coaching & Editing

From brainstorming and learning best practices for structuring your ideas to getting a second set of eyes on your writing, a writing coach and editor is a perfect way to ensure you’re always clear and correct with your work and gaining acumen and confidence as a writer along the way.

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Copy Writing

Need it written for you? We are happy to craft brand-specific website copy, documents, business briefs, press releases, blogs, and more. Give us direction, and we’ll handle the writing for you.


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The Blogshop: A Self-Guided Online Course for Small Business Owners

Even if you know the basics of blogging, or if you know you should be blogging but haven’t begun, this comprehensive course teaches small business owners in 6 lessons how to find the enthusiasm for blogging given how it measurably boosts your business, shares specific plug-in SEO strategies, and gets you generating enough material for up to a year’s worth of posts!

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