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Business Book Planning Worksheet

Click HERE to Download the One Lit Place Business & Self-Development Book Planning Worksheet

Writing a book that supports your business is the most valuable thing you can do to grow your audience, increase sales opportunities, and gain esteem in your field (and command higher rates and generate yet further opportunities to speak, engage, and establish new income streams as a result!).

Only the most serious business owners, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders spend the time and effort writing books- and the payoff is immense.

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You might be wondering why you can’t just start writing- you’re full of knowledge, you’re great on the fly, and you know your topic (more or less) (or do you?)

Gusto and energy will serve you well, but by pausing to lay out a few specific aspects of your book in advance, you’ll be giving yourself stepping stones to take you through the writing. 

Having a plan ensures you’re continuously buoyed with ideas, can maintain a reasonable momentum, and prevents dead spots, which can result in writers block or you setting the book aside, which … well, we know what happens at that point. 

This worksheet with its step-by-step plans for how to navigate and explore your ideas gives you the markers to keep you moving forward toward your ultimate goal of a completed book.

How Is This Worksheet Useful?

When you take a bit of time on the front end to plan out your book, the writing ahead will be far smoother.

This worksheet will help you:

  • determine what your book is about and who your target reader is
  • distill your book’s purpose into an overview blurb and “elevator pitch”
  • identify the book’s key points that will become the book’s outline.

Happy writing, and please reach out if you have questions!

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