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The Best Marketing Strategy for Writers: Create a Giving Circle

Doing good things for others does marvels for the self as well. Not only do you derive physical benefit, you also create a kindness loop or “giving circle” such that the recipients of your benevolence will want to do the same for you. Extending yourself to fellow writers with small gestures that help them with their marketing will invariably come back to help you as well. When you’re publishing your work, the best strategy is sometimes the nicest one: do for others and know that others will do for you.

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What Makes Memoir the Most Popular Literary Genre? Intimacy.

In our increasingly compartmentalized and disconnected world, one of the best ways to foster intimacy between two people is when one shares their story in a memoir. Read on to see why memoir is the most popular literary genre and the levels of depths of intimacy it affords both writer and reader.

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How to Know When It’s Time to Indent (or Not)

Writers are so familiar with reading on the web, we’ve started writing everything with the same formatting. Yet there’s a time and a place for different methods of formatting, and readers have a different experience as a result. Let’s look at how to know when it’s time to indent or not.

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How to Finally Start That Writing Project in the New Year

It’s fun to capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm of a new year to finally write the book you’ve been wanting to write. If you’ve ever made a resolution to get in shape, you can use our 6 tips—applicable to both fitness enthusiasts and writers— to help you embrace the work, manage it, and enjoy yourself along the way!

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Set Up Strong Writing Goals by Using SMART

Writers know that good writing comes from being clear and specific. Your own goals as a writer should be treated the same so the goals feel real, defined, and most of all attainable. By using the acronym SMART, you’ll strengthen your writing goals and go from identifying what you desire to taking specific action that will help you achieve real success.

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