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Can’t Write? Here’s How to Keep Creative In Other Ways

When life prevents you from writing or you’ve got writer’s block, try these tips to help you keep creative when you can’t write. These alternative creative efforts will help you feel strong and re-energized, so you’ll be much more capable and enthusiastic to get back to doing great work.

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Roadblocks, Detours & Dead Ends: 6 Things That Stop Aspiring Memoirists From Writing Their Stories

Writing a memoir can bring up all kinds of fear and uncertainty about judgement, failure, wrecking relationships, and even being sued. But once you learn how to navigate the road blocks, detours, and dead ends that can cause aspiring memoirists to stop writing your story, you’re in a much stronger position to forge ahead and make a meaningful connection with yourself– and your readers.

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The Only Reading List You Need for Summer 2023

This summer, whether you’re looking forward to an exciting vacation or a relaxing staycation, the right book (or let’s be real: books (because it’s impossible to read just one)) will transport you to different worlds and ignite your imagination, things a year-weary writer sorely needs. This reading list is the only one you will need for Summer 2023 to learn, relax, and be transported.

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Why Self-Publishing Is the Best Solution for Today’s Author

Traditional publishing used to be the gold standard, but now for many authors the benefits of self-publishing outweigh those of traditional publishing—by a lot. With self-publishing, authors maintain control over the book and its outcomes, earn far higher revenue, and determine the fate of the work, their reputation, and the volume of sales. Treating your book like a business with you in the driver’s seat is an attractive option, making self-publishing the best solution for today’s author.

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How Long Does It Take to “Write” a Book?

Writing a book can take a short specific period of time or go on forever, depending on the writer’s definition of what “writing a book” entails and whether they get support to see them through. Find out how long it takes to write (or write) a book and see what you need to get yours written, too ~

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How This Entrepreneur Turned Her Business Book into a Profitable Online Course

When Holly Hagan, a medical copywriter, set out to write her book in our Write Your Business | Self-Development Book in 4 Months program, she didn’t know that by not finishing her book, she would be powerfully influencing the trajectory of her business, the lives of her clients, and her own life. The success she is experiencing now is entirely due to what she did instead.

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