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Blogs and Articles Copy Writing

providing value through information and insights to your audience

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Our custom copy writing for blogs and articles gives you the creative freedom to offer valuable content to your audience while knowing it will be published on your site in its best possible form.

Posting new content by way of blogs and articles is a necessary part of any business website and needs to be part of your regular business operations for two specific reasons:


  1. Higher Google ranking: the more content you have on your site, the more keywords you have for Google to spot when someone is searching for those words.

    Sites that constantly add new content also illustrate to Google that they are relevant, which helps boost site rankings as well over sites that are stale or static.

  2. Tapping into audience need: When people are looking for what you do or provide, you want your site to become their go-to trusted source for information and resources.

By consistently posting useful content, your readers will know you are invested in helping them, and as a result feel heard and understood. That psychic trust will typically show itself in increased sales, positive word of mouth, and sharing your articles with others who would also find benefit.

Blogs and articles on your business website are a vital part of a healthy business and necessary for growth and increased revenue. 

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What Are Blogs and Articles in the Context of a Website?

A blog (shorter online content of 300-500 words) or an article (longer online content of 500-2,000 words) typically speaks to one aspect of what you do or provide: something to meet your reader’s needs, solve a problem, provide helpful tips, and so on.

The longer the content, the more comprehensive the information can be, and the more useful it is to your readers.

Our hourly rate enables us to speak to your topic in a format that works for you, your budget, and your business’ needs. 

Blog and Article Copy Writing: How It Works

We interview you to get the blog topics, a sense of your business’ voice and purpose, and any links or references you’d like us to use.

  • A first draft is provided for your review
  • A second draft is provided for your review
  • A last proofreading review is made once the blog is on the website

The blog title, headers, sub-headers, and content will be optimized for search engines including short and long-tail keywords, metadata, and scanability.

Image sourcing and optimization and the content put onto your website may be done upon request.

Two Ways We Provide Blog & Article Copy Writing:

Custom (hourly)

You design the length, the topic, and the purpose of the blog or article, and we handle the rest. Perfect for business owners with little time and little budget or who wish to achieve specific business goals.

All blogs and articles are optimized for search engines, will contain outbound links to relevant sites, and may include images (with metadata) and some graphic design elements upon request.

*If you’ve already written a rough draft of your blog or article, we’ll be happy to edit it at our hourly rate.

Blog & Article Packages

No surprises, only a set number of custom written and researched blogs or articles (SEO keywords, metadata, and links) to come your way:

Blog posts (approximately 300 words +)

three posts: $720
five posts: $1,120
ten + posts: $2,240+

Articles (approximately 500 words +)

500 to 750 words: $400
750 to 1000 words: $640

*To purchase any of these bundles, you’d begin by purchasing a 3- or 5-hour block of time below, and the balance will be invoiced to you directly.

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Block


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5-Page Website Copy Writing Package

This flat-rate package comes with five pages (Home, About, Contact, and 2 additional pages) to sell your services/products and showcase your business.

Want to find out more about this service and others?

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Block


Other ways we support our writers ...

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Manuscript Evaluation & Developmental Feedback

The first stage of the editing process. Assesses the structural elements of your book: plot, characters, setting, world, dialogue, scenes, etc.

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Editing (All Levels)

When your manuscript is further along, and you need line or copy editing or proofreading to prepare to submit for publication.

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Self publishing or need some help discovering your road to publishing your work? Find out more about the services we offer to get your books out in the world.

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Courses & Programs

Unlock the skills you need to become a published author or sign up for one of our Write Your Book in 4 Months mentored programs.

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