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We are delighted to support Awethor, whose purpose is to connect promising young writers to literary education and writing coaching that will help them succeed.

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Upcoming Programming

close up antique typewriter keysEmerging Novel Writers Workshop: Summer 2021

Spend 4 months amongst peer novelists and a seasoned instructor in this exciting summer workshop. Gain new skills in novel writing craft, share your work in a positive, productive, and fun environment, and emerge in only 4 months with a completed draft of your book.


May 24- August 30, 2021*

4 months (between 16-18 weeks*)


Live weekly meetings over video conference and conversation, resources, and information in a secure online One Lit Place classroom (available 24/7)

Weekly Meeting:
Saturdays, tentatively scheduled for 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST

Rebecca Hales

$189/month for 4 months

*Dates and workshop duration may shift slightly to accommodate number of participants

Awethor writers receive an $80 discount off the posted cost of the workshop (Your coupon code will be sent to you). Pre-registration is FREE: Sign up today!

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