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Author: Jenna

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How to Finally Start That Writing Project in the New Year

It’s fun to capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm of a new year to finally write the book you’ve been wanting to write. If you’ve ever made a resolution to get in shape, you can use our 6 tips—applicable to both fitness enthusiasts and writers— to help you embrace the work, manage it, and enjoy yourself along the way!

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Set Up Strong Writing Goals by Using SMART

Writers know that good writing comes from being clear and specific. Your own goals as a writer should be treated the same so the goals feel real, defined, and most of all attainable. By using the acronym SMART, you’ll strengthen your writing goals and go from identifying what you desire to taking specific action that will help you achieve real success.

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The Best 4-Step Process for Editing Your Manuscript on Paper

You may rely on your tech for most everything you do with your writing, but when it comes to editing your manuscript, editing on paper is still the best method. By using the below 4-step process for editing your manuscript on paper with our FREE checklist, you’re putting your book in the best possible position for success!

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Write Your Way to Wellness

When your mind is full and your schedule packed, the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, and spirit is to write. Read about how you can write your way to wellness so you start feeling whole, motivated, and strong in no time!

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How to Copy Edit Your Manuscript Like a Pro

As a writer, you have one job: to communicate. (That’s it! So streamlined!). Even if you’re not a trained editor, you can copy edit your writing like a pro by using our downloadable checklist and paying attention to the 10 most important things to look for when copy editing your manuscript. Take your time, make notes, and you’ll be positioning your manuscript to best showcase your ideas, strut your stuff, and get into the right hands.

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Do Deadlines or Daily Writing Make You a Better Writer?

Many people feel having a deadline is the single best thing to make you a better writer: you’re motivated to produce, you strive to entertain and inform in new and dynamic ways, and you churn out work you didn’t even know you had in you by a specific time. Yet as many folks believe a steady writing practice is what produces work of quality and depth and helps writers maintain their focus through consistently developing their ideas. So which is it?

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Time To Get Organized: The 10 Best Writing Apps

If you’re craving an organizational system to help you write more effectively and better, our newly expanded and updated 10 best writing apps will get you and your writing organized and help keep your writing process and projects manageable and stress-free!

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5 Ways to Reach Your Fall Writing Goals

Spring cleaning is nice, but if you ask me, it’s got nothing on autumn organization. With the deepening of the season, the crisping and calming as the world prepares to sleep, this is the perfect time of year to take stock, clean up, and feel renewed.

This checklist includes the 5 ways to reach your fall writing goals and is the perfect way to make sure your writing life is in order. Take a few minutes to go through the 5 points, check off each as you do them, then curl up in big socks, grab a hot drink, and know you’re ready for the season to come.

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Celebrating Writers of a Certain Age

We are biologically wired to be inclined toward youth, so it makes sense that we as a culture revere it the way we do. Yet the flip side is to fear maturity, a fear that has infiltrated all walks of life, including the publishing industry. Our work as a culture and as writers is to recognize and celebrate the distinct grace, depth, and wisdom that writers of a certain age bring to the table and enjoy how much richer we all are as a result of the work they do.

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