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Ph.D. candidates, post-docs, and professors: between teaching, research, and writing, you have little time to spare. Publish or perish is always looming, and the pressure can be overwhelming.

By partnering with a seasoned, compassionate literary writing coach, you will get personal support, guidance, and insights to help you manage and navigate a healthy writing practice, keep accountable, and get high-level brainstorming and advice to help you successfully structure your projects and develop them to the specifications required so they are well-organized, cohesive, and clear. 

The result of having someone by your side is it helps fast-track your work and keeps you feeling measured, self-sufficient, and strong.

Get one-on-one academic writing coaching, brainstorming, constructive feedback, accountability, and collaborative substantive editing *(editing done together with the writer either in person or via video conference) for:

  • Journal Articles
  • Web content
  • Dissertations (and nonfiction academic books)
  • CVs
  • Grant applications
  • Presentations & posters


The Stages of Academic Writing Coaching and Editing

Post-graduate academic coaching happens in three primary phases: Brainstorming & Accountability, Coaching and Editing, and Editing & Publication Support.

Brainstorming & Accountability

– Early stage ideas generation, instruction on best practices of writing, prompts, and resources via chat, phone, and/or video conference
– Design infrastructure for writing process and writer’s schedule
– Editorial assistance and guidance

Coaching & Editing

– Developmental feedback on early manuscript pages
– Continual support and instruction on project work
– Editorial support

Editing & Publication Support

– Collaboratively refine work’s purpose, structure, pacing, and flow
– Provide substantive editing, copyediting,* and proofreading
– Assist with abstracts, presentations, CVs and more-

College & Scholarship Application Support

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Get hands-on learning, planning help, and feedback on personal statements and college and university applications; assistance with portals; and prep for interviews: for U.S. and Canadian students.

  • Learn and practice strong argumentation strategies and clear essay construction
  • Develop a personal organizational plan to meet the guidelines of each application process
  • Practice for interviews
  • Get help with navigating the various online application portals.

In our “learn by doing” model, students identify how to clearly approach a topic, navigate argumentation strategies, and use best practices for clear written communication for all contexts, including effective use of examples, detail, outside research, and grammatical principles.

The resulting fluidity and comfort with articulating their ideas on the page will not only set them up for successful applications but set them apart from their peers at university and beyond.

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