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Publish your essays, journal articles, and get your dissertation written without having to worry about doing all the writing on your own. We partner with you to ensure your work is structured and solid, provide instruction on writing best practices, and brainstorm how to bring forth your ideas in ways that are well-organized, cohesive, and clear.

Get one-on-one academic writing coaching, constructive feedback, collaborative substantive editing *(editing done together with the writer either in person or via video conference), and copyediting/proofreading for:

  • Journal Articles
  • Web content
  • Dissertations
  • CVs
  • University applications
  • Essays

Note: our coaches instruct clients on the writing skills necessary to create interesting, intelligent essays and are on hand to guide the writers through their process, but they do not provide fully pre-written academic essays or university applications.

Guidelines for best practices in student-academic writing coach and editor relationships are available HERE.


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Academic writing happens in three primary phases: Brainstorming & Accountability, Coaching and Editing, and Editing & Publication Support.

Brainstorming & Accountability

– Early stage ideas generation, instruction on best practices of writing, prompts, and resources via chat, phone, and/or video conference
– Design infrastructure for writing process and writer’s schedule
– Editorial assistance and guidance

Coaching & Editing

– Developmental feedback on early manuscript pages
– Continual support and instruction on project work

– Editorial support

Editing & Publication Support

– Collaboratively refine work’s purpose, structure, pacing, and flow
– Provide substantive editing, copyediting,* and proofreading
– Assist with abstracts, presentations, CVs and more-

*with advisor’s consent

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Academic Writing Coach & Editor FAQ

Writing Courses & Seminars at One Lit Place at onelitplace.comHow Does the Relationship Work with My Academic Writing Coach and Editor?

Your writing coach/editor will collaborate with you to determine what kind of support you need. Whether you are looking for general academic writing instruction, a deeper look at sentence use and grammar, or guidance on structuring your ideas, your coach will work with you to help you get the academic writing instruction you need.

How Do My Coach & Editor and I Work Together?

You and your coach will have a designated team area in a secure online platform that enables you to chat in real time and exchange documents (and keep them on a “bookshelf” for easy reference), such as instruction worksheets, readings, and any exercises or assignments you do for practice. You’re also welcome to connect over video conference, chat on the phone, or do a hybrid of all of these methods depending on what works best for you.

What Do I Need to Do to Begin?

We begin with a signed agreement, so you know your work and ideas are confidential, how the relationship works, and how payment is made. Then once payment for the initial block of time- either an introductory block of 3 hours or 5 hours- is made, we get you set up in our editors platform and you’re good to go!

Financial Investment

The fee for working with an academic writing coach & editor is $110/hr. Your editor keeps track of the time they’re spending and pro-rates in 5 minute increments, so you only pay for the time you use. (Ex: a 35-minute call is billed at 35 minutes, and a 38-minute call is billed at 40) We share our time sheets with you at the end of each paid period so you can see where your budget is going.

If you find you wish to use your coach as an editor on any specific writing, you are welcome to merge your coaching with editing and proofreading. The rate for all coaching, editing, and proofreading is the same, so you can continue working with your coach for all of your academic writing needs.

Feel free to be in touch any time by email or phone- we offer a free, no-commitment consultation to all writers. We’re always ready to see how we can help you reach your writing goals!

Please be in touch any time for a free consultation to chat with us about your work.

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