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Academic Manuscript Editing

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Editing for Academic Manuscripts

If you are working on a doctoral thesis, journal articles, or a hybrid academic book for a mainstream audience, it’s essential that the manuscript be edited for structural and developmental flow, clear presentation, cohesive voice, and all issues of grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

We will provide all levels of academic manuscript editing as you prepare to distribute or publish your work. 

  • Academic journal articles
  • Web content
  • Dissertations
  • CVs
  • University applications
  • Essays

Note: our coaches providing editing on fully realized early drafts to ensure your academic manuscript is dynamically presented, cohesive, well-organized, and clear while maintaining the your voice and purpose. They will not copy write or provide pre-written academic essays or university applications.

Guidelines for best practices for how students should collaborate with academic coaches and editors are available HERE.

Note: while we are happy to provide academic writing coaching to undergraduate or graduate-level students, we do not provide editing for undergraduate or graduate student manuscripts.

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Choose from:

Substantive (Developmental) Editing:

Look at the structural integrity, the flow of information, overall clarity of ideas and linear presentation, pacing, and whether there are gaps or redundancies

Line and Copyediting:

Ensure the sentences are cohesive and flow to reveal the information cogently and clearly and that the language is dynamic and clear; copy editing for correct use of grammar, punctuation, and syntax


Comb through each word to find last errors, correct inconsistencies, and adjust mistakes in formatting or typos.

5-Hour Block


3-Hour Intro Block


1-Hour Block


Unless your manuscript is extremely short or is less than 15 pages and requires only proofreading, in which case a 1-hour Block may be sufficient, you may wish to begin with either a 3-hour Introductory Block (for new clients only) or a 5-hour Block. This will ensure your editor either has enough time to properly undertake the level of edit on your shorter manuscript, or it will enable them to begin the work on your longer manuscript. 

If your editor doesn’t need the full 5 hours to do the requested work, you will be refunded the remaining unused time less any applicable payment processing fees.

If you’re not sure what your manuscript requires, once you connect with your editor, they can look over a section and share their thoughts on what the manuscript would benefit from, considering your goals for the work, timeline, and budgetary expectations. 

Your editor will start their work by completion a 3-hour introductory block. They will return this back to you to assess and from this, you should be able to estimate the total cost of the project based on how many pages they were able to do in this time.

We want to make sure that each client gets the ideal service for them. Check our this article on the Stages of Editing. If you are still not sure, book a free consultation and tell us all about your project.

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