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10 Really Good Reasons to Take an Online Writing Course at One Lit Place

Our online programs have evolved to suit the needs of writers' busy schedules and precise project needs. Our self-guided and mentored programs support our writers in targeted personalized ways to help you reach your writing goals. Check out our 10 really good (!) reasons taking an online writing course or program is a fantastic way of boosting your writing, ramping up your productivity, and moving to a whole new place in your work and writing process as you prepare to publish.

No one can argue that we all need human contact (something saw play out over the long months of COVID)- but as we’ve also learned, if your goal is to boost your productivity, learn and grow in a short period of time, and make strides on a project, online courses are an incredible way to get the job done and done now.

In fact, many studies have determined that online learning actually exceeds the impact of face-to-face learning in a number of areas.

Online learning provides a fantastic opportunity to leap into new areas of knowledge and skill building in writing craft and practice, learn by putting your hands to the page, and explore your own boundaries in a schedule-friendly accessible format.

As a writers’ center whose singular goal is to support writers with all the writing you do, One Lit Place offers a number of online courses and programs for every level of writer.

Our online writing courses and writing programs:

    • meet creative and business writers’ interests and needs
    • provide in-depth education and hands-on mentorship
    • encourage exploration of the craft and risk taking
    • offer you the opportunity to set and reach your writing goals
    • give you a secure private space where you can interact with your mentor and a private group on Facebook— the One Lit Place Writers Lounge— where you can safely engage with peer writers.

Because lists are fun (who doesn’t like a good list?), we’ve noted 10 highly compelling reasons you should take an online writing course at One Lit Place:

I. High Quality Education & Significant Writing Output

1. In our self-guided online course Cultivating Creativity: How to Start and Sustain a Writing Habit in 31 Days, oh, you will write. A lot. At its end, you have a new portfolio of new material that will springboard you into further drafts for publishable stories, essays, memoir chapters, or novel drafts.

And in our 6-part highly productive The Blogshop: for Small Business Owners and Writers, you emerge with enough blog content for a year and enough ideas for much more than that. And what does such a volume of blog content eventually lend itself perfectly to? A business book.

2. You will read. A lot. Short stories, essays, novel chapters, and chapters on craft and writing theory.

3. You will develop and further a discerning eye for what makes for good writing. How narrative operates in certain forms. What you can do to your own early drafts to tighten them so they form the shape you envision them to have. How to create a character or persona on the page.

4. You will experiment with and explore your voice, style, and inner lyricism.

5. In our three 4-month book-writing programs:

among all the lessons, videos, resources, readings, and more, you receive insightful, intelligent, and consistent mentorship that supports you with your early-stage drafting.

Your mentor is with you the whole way cheering you on, providing strategies, solutions, feedback, and accountability. Having them there alongside you is what makes the difference between completing a book and wishing you could writing a book.

6. You will have continuous access to smart creative peer writers with whom you can exchange ideas and ask questions.

7. You will collaborate with skilled, dynamic, and highly-seasoned members of our creative team who as working writers themselves well understand how to best guide, provoke, and nurture you in the ways you need to get the strongest, most energetic work out of you- work you can feel good about.

“This was a very positive experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the learning and being stretched and challenged.”

~ Mary Hanley

II. Flexibility and Lifestyle Support

8. Unlike a face-to-face class that takes place in a single short chunk once a week, learning online happens on a continuum. This regularity enhances your learning, skill-building, and overall approach to writing. 

9. Since writing isn’t something that happens in isolated chunks but rather is a lifestyle, online learning is a perfect parallel support to that lifestyle and makes it an organic part of your process. The result is you feel more confident in yourself as a writer— and that confidence seeps into your work.

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10. You can take part in our online writing courses and programs from anywhere and on a schedule that works for you. No schlepping, no going out in -20c, no need to even wear pants. (We’ll never know!) What will matter is you will grow as a writer- and the results will be affirming and extraordinary.

“Thank you for a very stimulating course and some quite fascinating assignments, as well as your kind and supportive feedback.”

~Bruce Retallack

Because online learning in many pivotal ways surpasses traditional classroom learning, it might be time for you to see which of our winter online writing courses is right for you:

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Click here for info on our online courses and programs for boosting your overall skills as a creative, academic, or business writer in our 31-day habit-building course Cultivating Creativity and The Blogshop or to leap in to write your book with us in our 4-month mentored programs. 

Your writing goals are within reach. Your writing matters, and we’re here to help you do it. (With or without pants).

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