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Editing Services

Wherever you are with your projects, we're here to get them ready to publish

“I work hard, I work very hard. All the books at least 30 revisions.”

Having a dedicated developmental editor and copy editor by your side to support you through the revision phase is a reassurance, motivating, and truly enhances your productivity.

Whether you collaboratively move through the phases of drafting and into revision or you simply need a second set of skilled eyes to ready your work for publication, we’ve got you covered.

A professional editor’s acumen and insights on your manuscript is one of the soundest investments you can make as a writer.

A well-edited draft can be the difference between your work lying on the shelf and your work flying off the shelf, establish you as a frontrunner in the workplace, and ensure you’re seen as serious, intelligent, and someone of note.

One Lit Place provides developmental editing and copy editing services beneficial for writers in all genres at every stage of work.

Early stage:


  • Developmental or Substantive editing (also called “content editing” or “structural editing”)

Last stage:

For academic, business, and creative writers.

A manuscript evaluation is an excellent first step in your editing journey to help you do the pass of revision yourself. After reading your work, your editor provides a thorough editorial note that speaks to all issues of the draft and what you can do to revise with implementable suggestions and strategies. Use the note as a map to guide you (with your editor’s support along the way or on your own).

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Manuscript Evaluation
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Personalized Writing Coaching

When you’ve taken your draft as far as you can on your own, it’s time to let a professional editor hone and refine the work. In the developmental (substantive/content/structural) edit, they’ll begin shaping the overall structure so the work flows, is purposeful and clear, the development is coherent, and the pacing is consistent.

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Developmental | Substantive Editing

The music of the line matters; here, your editor will “listen” to the sentences, ensuring they’re fluid and dynamic, clear and tonally consistent. The line edit is either followed by or fused with a copy edit, whereby your editor puts their schoolmarm glasses on to make sure each line is clear, correct, lean, and sits up straight.

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Line & Copy Editing
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Entrust us to help you through this last stage in your process: we’ll help you write and edit all submission materials for agents or publishers or help you self-publish your book, market it, and more.  

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Book Formatting
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Publishing Consultation
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Author Website Design

Free Supports to Help You


Your editor is dedicated to supporting you in the ways you need. To begin, they will confirm with you what level of edit you’re looking for and clarify any issues or concerns you have. Throughout the process, your editor is available for conversation, instruction, and any additional insight as you continue any work on your side or after the copy editing services have delivered to you.

You’re given a Private Team in our secure online Editors’ Platform where you’ll be able to exchange messages in real time and easily upload and store documents and other resources. To connect for meetings or conversation, your editor will meet you over video conference or phone- whichever you prefer.

Your editor is yours to collaborate with in all ways, so you feel supported and can develop a relationship with someone who gets to know you and your work.


Our coaching & editing are performed on an hourly basis (Manuscript Evaluation & Developmental Feedback are an exception and are priced per word), and we do not provide project rates. That said, if you wish to receive an overall approximate rate for a specific level of edit, we are happy to do a 1-3 hour representative sample edit. However much editing the editor can perform during that period of time is multiplied by the number of manuscript pages, which will give you an approximate project rate for that level of edit.

There’s no question that this is an investment: of money, time, and psychic energy. However, having a generous professional editor— someone whose sole focus is to support your project to become the best version of itself—is invaluable.

Writing is wonderful and exciting, but it can also be frustrating and lonely. When you know you have a seasoned literary professional only a click away, it can make an enormous difference to you feeling strong and positive about your work and about yourself as a writer generally.

Whether you have only one project you need edited, or you’re looking to develop a trusting, respectful, collaborative working relationship to support you over your writing career, we are honored to be that for you. 

Many of our writers remain with their editors for years because that relationship is not only highly comforting but extremely productive as you can fast-track past wondering how your work is coming across or whether it’s meeting its mark and simply get the insights, strategies, and skill of your editor on the case straight away.

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