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“I work hard, I work very hard. All the books at least 30 revisions.” Ha-Jin

Many literary greats over the years have had notable long-standing relationships with their editors. It’s no wonder; our editors are our guides, our support systems, and smart second readers who get to know our process and voices. We come to rely on their insights and ability to keep our work purposeful, lean, and engaging.

Having your work vetted by an editor is one of the soundest investments you can make. A well-edited draft can be the difference between your work lying on the shelf and your work flying off the shelf.

One Lit Place provides copy editing services beneficial for writers in all genres at every stage of work.

Early stage:

Draft Consultation

Developmental Feedback (educated constructive feedback)


Substantive editing (also called “content editing”)

Last stage:

Copyediting and Proofreading

Starting Rate $110/hr.

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How Does the Relationship Work?

Your copy editor will confirm with you what level of edit you’re looking for and talk with you about any issues or items of business you wish to clarify before getting to work. Throughout the process, your editor is available for conversation, instruction, and any additional insight as you continue any work on your side or after the copy editing services have delivered to you.

How Do My Copy Editor or Writing Coach and I Work Together?

You’re given a Private Team in our secure online Editors’ Platform where you’ll be able to exchange messages in real time and easily upload and store documents and other resources. To connect for meetings or conversation, your editor will meet you over video conference or phone- whichever you prefer.

Your editor is yours to collaborate with in all ways, so you feel supported and can develop a relationship with someone who gets to know you and your work.


The hourly fee is $110/hr. Your editor keeps track of time so you’re billed appropriately only for the time you’ve used on your work. A 20-minute call is billed at 20 minutes, for example. Your time sheet is always available in your Private Team, so you can keep track of your budget.

Do You Offer Project Rates?

All payment is made on an hourly basis, and we do not offer project rates; however, we are able to offer an approximate overall project budget for the requested level of edit based on an algorithm.

To provide the approximate project budget, the editor will do a paid three-hour* edit of your work, which serves as a representative sample of the overall project. However many pages the editor is able to edit in 3 hours (or however many pages the editor is able to read plus provide comprehensive feedback) allows us to project how long editing the full project will take, which we multiply by the hourly rate. This will indicate the overall investment you can anticipate for the edit.

*unless another time period is arranged

How Is Having an Editor Beneficial for the Long Haul?

As you and your editor develop a rapport, trust, and a collaborative working relationship over time, you may find you take certain comfort in having an editor at your side, someone who has your best interests in mind and is there for you personally as a writer and for your work. Some writers work their editors on one project at a time; others bring in other projects and access their editors for collaboration, feedback, instruction, copy editing, and consultation on pursuing publication, cover letters and book proposals.

Ultimately, your copy editor is your editor- you can feel secure knowing someone has your back.

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